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  • High-end, award-winning publications with entertaining and thought-provoking content
  • Quality audiences comprised of local, intelligent, savvy readers
  • Established and proven distribution channels
  • Powerful partnerships
  • Publish 12 monthly issues a year
  • Reaching over 200,000 readers
  • Mobile magazine apps for Apple and Android devices
  • Online digital edition with rich content
  • Advertising in the Villages and all of Lake and Sumter Counties


  • Professional offices, waiting rooms, high-end salons, retail stores, & businesses
  • Lake County library system
  • Lake County and Municipal Governmental Offices
  • Major regional, local and community events
  • Over 100 local restaurants
  • Distribution locations


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Ad Specs

(width by height)

2 Page Spread (with .125” bleed)     18.25″ x 11.125″
Full Page Trim Size     9” x 10.875”
Full Page (with .125” bleed)     9.25″ x 11.125″
Full Page, live area*     8″ x 9.875″
Half Page Vertical     3.9062″ x 9.875″
Half Page Horizontal     8″ x 4.8437″
Quarter Page     3.9062″ x 4.8437″

(width by height)

Full Page Trim Size     8.375” x 10.875”
Full Page (with .125” bleed)     8.5″ x 11.125″
Half Page Horizontal    7″ x 4.5764″

All text and logos must stay within a .5″ margin on full-page ads or spreads

* Live area refers to the area in which all text and important artwork (i.e. logos) must be within. Due to printer constraints, any non-bleed full page ads must have a 0.5” margin on all sides, thus creating the live area.

File Formats

(in order of preference)

• PDF files: must be high-res PDF/X-1a:2003 compliant, all colors must be CMYK, all type must be converted to outlines (we reserve the right to rasterize PDF’s as TIFF’s).
• Collected InDesign files: CS 5.5 or lower; include all fonts (both printer and screen) and all linked files.
• Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files: all type should be converted to paths/outlines.

• All submitted images must be 300dpi or higher (TIFF’s preferred).
• We do not accept QuarkXpress files.
• Files may be submitted via email (no larger than 8MB) or on CD/DVD.


45 Days prior to publication.

All camera-ready ads must be in no later than the 5th of the month prior to publication.
Example: An ad scheduled to run in the September issue is due to STYLE by August 5th.