October 1, 2019

Ben Pauluhn – Optimus Solar

1.6 min read| Published On: October 1st, 2019|

By Akers Editorial

Ben Pauluhn – Optimus Solar

1.6 min read| Published On: October 1st, 2019|
Ben Pauluhn, President 

Q: Why aren’t more people going solar?

A: With the household economics, environmental benefits and domestic investment case being so strong for solar energy adoption in Florida, we often receive the question: why aren’t more people going solar? When solar was in its infancy, there were issues with unscrupulous vendors, lack of long-term testing on parts/materials, and a general confusion around how things such as net-metering worked. In addition to a lack of education around the practical realities of solar, these issues created a barrier for many potential adopters. Over the past 10 years, all facets of the industry have matured. We now see long-term stability and much lower total costs (down almost 50% over the past 5 years) on more efficient systems. There are now very few reasons for homes and commercial buildings in Florida to avoid going solar.

In Florida, residential solar energy currently has an average payback period of around 8.5 years and carries 15-30 year parts and labor warranties. Roof penetrations have become immensely safe due to advances in component engineering, while the electronics and output monitoring capabilities have made huge leaps forward as well. A solar energy system based on old technology would only produce as much power as the most-shaded panel was producing. With the introduction of electronic components such as optimizers and micro-inverters, each panel is now maximized and systems are exponentially more efficient than even just 10 years ago.

Advances in software modeling have helped the industry tremendously in ensuring accurate long-term predictions, giving the system owner confidence that they will realize the long-term savings being committed up front. Working with a company such as Optimus Solar that provides a power production guarantee eliminates the financial risk of any future shortfalls by guaranteeing output or paying the difference.

Previously, there were some valid reasons for households and businesses to be hesitant about solar. However, these reasons have largely been removed as the industry has matured, quality business-people have entered the provider space, and component quality has dramatically improved. Solar energy is good for households, businesses, and communities. Please reach out to Optimus Solar with your questions so we can ensure you are equipped with the correct information to make the best decision for your household or business.

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