October 10, 2023

Defensive Player of the Week: Aden Hall, Leesburg High Football

1.7 min read| Published On: October 10th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Defensive Player of the Week: Aden Hall, Leesburg High Football

1.7 min read| Published On: October 10th, 2023|

Aden Hall is one of the best defensive players in Lake County. What this kid has been doing is nothing short of spectacular this season. Hall has 66 tackles on defense this season which leads The Yellow Jackets. He has 11 tackles for a loss and leads the team in solo tackles with 25. In the game against Wildwood he had yet another standout performance including an 86 yard fumble return for a touchdown!

Aden Hall is a 6”1 200lb Junior Inside Linebacker. He has not just been good this season, he has been outstanding. When you think of a defensive player, Hall is everything that a defensive player embodies. Aggressive, tenacious and smart. He can see things happening on the offensive side of the ball before they even happen which makes him one of the best linebackers in Lake County.

(Aden Hall #9 has been in on nearly 70 total tackles this season. Defenses have struggled to run the ball up the middle due to plays like this.)

The way this kid can level a player out is scary. He is a monster on defense and when you see him up close and personal he is built like a wall. He is certainly one of the strongest players on the team and he plays with no fear. Just raw aggressive play which is exactly what Leesburg was missing in previous years.

Hall has been so good that teams have often gone to the pass just to avoid running up the middle on him because teams have had very limited success doing so. Hall is usually fresh because Leesburg does not have a ton of offensive and defensive starters playing both ways on the field.

(Aden Hall #9 stands 6″1 200lbs. He is only a junior and has taken Lake County by storm. He continues to improve every week.)

Unlike many schools in our area who play their best players on offense and defense, Aden Hall only plays linebacker. That means he is fresh when he gets into games. It also helps that the offense for Leesburg has been so good this year, that they have controlled the football the majority of games making Hall’s job much easier.

Hall continues to develop into an amazing player. He is just a Junior and has another year to continue to develop his skills. He is a physical, instinctive, grinder who should be looked at by scouts. He has a 3.6GPA and is just an overall solid player. We love watching Aden Hall play and we wish him the best of luck on the rest of his 2023 season!

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