December 1, 2016

outstanding student: TylerHicks

1.3 min read| Published On: December 1st, 2016|

By Akers Editorial

outstanding student: TylerHicks

1.3 min read| Published On: December 1st, 2016|


Photo: Fred Lopez

Age 17 / First Academy, Leesburg


FAVORITE FIELD OF STUDY: American government is my favorite class. I’ve always been interested in history. If you don’t learn about the past, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

AMERICAN LEGION BOYS STATE PROGRAM: I was nominated by Ms. [Amanda] Patterson, my guidance counselor, and I attended a week-long program involving coursework in government, leadership, and political processes. The first couple days we learned about Florida history and government and state and national laws. After three days, we actually held nominations for city, county, and state-level governments to learn the process.

FLORIDA SENATE FORUM: After participating in the American Legion Program, I was inspired to initiate and organize a candidate forum for the three candidates competing for Leesburg District 12 State Senate at our school. Over 300 people attended.

COMPETITION: I am very competitive.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: It’s our responsibility, as older high school students, to be a good representative for the younger people because some don’t have others to look up to.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Current activities include: president of National Honor Society, varsity basketball and tennis, vice-president of Student Government, yearbook staff, business manager for 2016-2017 Homecoming, volunteer campaign work for U.S. House of Representatives, Daniel Webster, and for Florida State Senate District 12 Campaign, various fundraisers for First Academy.

MY INSPIRATION: My role model is Jesus Christ solely because of what he did as the representation of our faith. It’s hard to live up to that high standard of God, but you can only try to give back.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: I plan to attend Florida State. You can’t find a better place than Tallahassee if you want to go into government. My dad and my sister are alumni. I plan to join a church. I feel that it’s important to stay connected. Keeping God first and following what He has planned for me.

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