November 1, 2022

Ask the Expert: Roofing

1.3 min read| Published On: November 1st, 2022|

By Akers Editorial

Ask the Expert: Roofing

1.3 min read| Published On: November 1st, 2022|
Tyler Scott, Supervisor & Lead Estimator at Scott’s Roofing

Q: We survived Hurricane Ian. How can your company ensure that my roof will be protected for the next hurricane that occurs?  

A: We use an Owens Corning Duration Shingle. What that means is you’re going to have the highest wind mph rating for shingles. Owens is a leader in the industry. Inlaid in their shingles is a SureNail strip, which is a wide, highly visible engineered fabric strip in the nailing area that ensures quality installation, as well as strength and durability for your roof. The grip of the SureNail strip provides exceptional wind resistance during storms and hurricanes. The product also comes with a full labor and material warranty on the system that we install. Ours is a quality-grade shingle, and we know it will stand the test of time for sure.

Q: What sets your company apart?

A: We use our own employees for each job rather than hire subcontractors. There are a lot of start-up companies and storm chasers that do roofs, but they hire others to do their work. Many of these companies are not licensed and have no liability insurance.  

We’re also a family-owned company that has been in business in Tavares for 50 years. I’m third generation in this business. One of the reasons we’ve stayed in business so long is that we’re always there for our customers, and they know they can call us anytime and we’ll be there for them. That’s hard to find anymore. We value all customers whether we did a job for them yesterday or 10 years ago. And we provide expertise in every job—from repairs and replacements to new installations. We want customers to get the most out of their roofing investments.

We serve Lake County, where our reputation for providing high-quality roofing systems has earned us a loyal customer base throughout the years. 

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