March 1, 2020

Daniel Dicus – Ross Plumbing

1.7 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2020|

By Akers Editorial

Daniel Dicus – Ross Plumbing

1.7 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2020|

Daniel Dicus, Service Manager/Estimator

Q: What are five signs that I’m beginning to have drain and piping problems in my house?

A: 1.) A frequently clogged drain, especially a single fixture drain, that is always difficult for you always means a problem. 

2.) Multiple slow draining fixtures in the house indicate a problem. 

3.) Gurgling sounds. This is a sign of poor air flow. Hearing noises when water should be draining indicates drain troubles. 

4.) You have water collecting on floors or water stains on the wall. These could be signs of a broken drain line in the wall or under the floor. 

5.) Main sewer cleanout is overflowing. Where your pipe leaves the house, you can pull the cleanout cap off, and sometimes you’ll have a flow coming out. That tells you there is a problem between the house and septic tank or between the house and city sewer connection.

Many factors contribute to clogs. In your lavatory, the problem is mostly jewelry, hair and toothpaste. Kitchen sink drains get gummed up with food particles and grease. Disposals often rust out or jam up as well. Toilets, obviously, dispose of certain by-products. Excessive amounts of tissue paper and kids flushing their favorite toys down the drain are both common culprits. Soap scum and hair (again) wreak havoc on tub and shower drains. Soap and lint combine to clog washing machine connections. Adequate flushing and ventilation require positive air flow through drains. Without adequate ventilation to the plumbing system, with positive air flow, sanitary drain flow is compromised.

Lead and cast iron piping, common to older systems, rust out, deteriorating to the point of having major holes. Effluent (sanitary waste) tries to drain through these holes instead of through the pipes. When the effluent does not drain through the pipe as intended, it backs up and clogs the drains. Even with PVC piping, the most commonly used piping today, tree roots can break pipes and fittings. Suddenly, you’ve got a root system in your plumbing system. Dirt settling can play a factor in underground piping, creating back fall issues.

We, the trained professionals at Ross Plumbing, can come to you, run drain snake cables to clear obstructions, hydrojet drain lines and use our sewer drain cameras to inspect piping and verify that all obstructions have been cleared. If any deteriorating sanitary drain systems require service, repair or replacement, count on Ross Plumbing to get the job done.


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