January 29, 2024

Epic Overtime Battle: Eustis Boys Basketball Triumphs Over Leesburg with 71-64 Win!

1.8 min read| Published On: January 29th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Epic Overtime Battle: Eustis Boys Basketball Triumphs Over Leesburg with 71-64 Win!

1.8 min read| Published On: January 29th, 2024|

The Eustis High School boys basketball team secured a thrilling 71-64 victory against Leesburg in overtime on Friday evening, marking the third encounter between the two programs this year. The fierce competition between these rivals persisted until the final buzzer.

Leesburg High School dominated in the first quarter, putting up an impressive 25 points, while Eustis struggled to find answers, managing only 15 points. Eustis coach Wesley Green, however, executed strategic offensive and defensive adjustments between quarters, leading to a comeback in the second quarter.

(Eustis #3 Jayveon Dale has been so impressive this season. The senior is averaging 15 points per game which ranks him as the #2 player in Class 4A District 6.)

Eustis surged in the second quarter, scoring 20 points and limiting the Yellow Jackets to just 10. The halftime score was knotted at 35, setting the stage for an electric second half with both schools determined to claim the season series. Also a huge shoutout to Eustis High school #1 Anthony Hines who scored an incredible 32 points. Hines is averaging 13 points per game and he was absolutely on fire in this one!

Carrying the momentum from the second quarter, Eustis entered the third quarter leading 52-45. The intensity of the match reached its peak in the fourth quarter as Leesburg, under the guidance of Head Coach Sean Campbell, made impressive defensive adjustments, resulting in a tie at 62-62 and pushing the game into overtime.

(Coach Wesley Green is having one of the best seasons as a head coach in his career. He’s an inspirational leader and has Eustis looking as good as they have all season long.)

Despite a valiant effort by the Yellow Jackets, Eustis maintained the upper hand in overtime. The Panthers outscored Leesburg 9-2, securing a final score of 71-64 and clinching the season series 2-1. The rivalry, known for its intensity, was further emphasized in this game. These games are always intense and the game on Friday night proved why.

(Anthony Hines #1 for Eustis would score 32 points against Leesburg. Hines has been dominant for the Panthers this season averaging 13 points per game.)

Eustis, with this impressive win, advanced to a 17-4 record, heading into the final week of action against Seminole, East Ridge, and Mount Dora High. Meanwhile, the Yellow Jackets, at 13-4, have one remaining game against Davenport on February 2nd, which will also serve as the Yellow Jackets’ senior night at 6:00 pm.

While this marks the final clash between the two teams this season, the three-game series provided immense excitement and intensity. We absolutely enjoyed every minute of these two teams playing one another and wish them the best as their district tournaments approach.

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