May 16, 2023

Full Track & Field State Championship Schedule for Lake & Sumter County Athletes

3.1 min read| Published On: May 16th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Full Track & Field State Championship Schedule for Lake & Sumter County Athletes

3.1 min read| Published On: May 16th, 2023|

Its time for the State Track & Field Championships! This weekend these athletes will go to battle and represent their schools one final time. The dates of each school is listed. There are 4 different divisions meeting on 4 separate days. Below you will find the listing of each school and athlete performing in what event. This list was compiled using the FHSAA Half-Mile timing website.

FHSAA Class 1A State Championship
Wednesday, May 17th
Location – UNF Hodges Stadium

Mount Dora Christian Academy 

1pm Girls Pole Vault – Leah Sowers
1pm Girls Long Jump – Reese Horbal
1pm Boys High Jump – Jamin Andrews
1pm Boys High Jump – James Andrews
1pm Boys High Jump – Tanner Schick
2:30pm Boys Long Jump – Isaiah Bryant
2:30pm Girls Discus – Maisey Anderson
3:00pm Girls High Jump – Reese Horba
3:00pm Boys Pole Vault – Matt Carr
4:00pm Girls Shot Put – Maisey Anderson
4:00pm Girls Triple Jump – Reese Horbal
5:30pm Boys Triple Jump – James Andrews
5:30pm Boys Triple Jump – Jamin Andrews
6:15pm Boys 110M Hurdles – James Andrews
7:20pm Boys 400M Dash – Isaiah Bryant
8:10pm Boys 200M Dash – Isaiah Bryant

Wildwood Middle High School 

1pm Girls Long Jump – Kendall Brown
1pm Boys Shot Put – Terriyon Bryant
1pm Girls Javelin – Emma Strickland
2:30pm Boys Javelin – Judson Nichols
4:00pm Boys Discus – Temarionte Williams
4:00pm Girls Triple Jump – Kendall Brown
4:00pm Boys 3200 Relay – Srickland, Vargas, Spurrier, Worthen, Jackson, Serfass
5:30pm Boys Triple Jump – Vernell Brown III
6:15pm Boys 110M Hurdles – Ricky Harding
6:50pm Girls 400M Relay – Corbin, Brown, Williams, Corbin, Walker, Hills, Jackson, Strickland
6:50pm Boys 400M Relay – Keiler, Brown III, Harding, Colebrooks, Jackson
7:35pm Girls 400M Hurdles – Ayanna Hills
7:55pm Boys 800M Run – Kamarius Worthen
8:25pm Boys 3200M Run – Damian Spurrier
9:00pm Boys 1600M Relay – Keiler, Colebrooks, Strickland, Worthen, Brown III, Jackson, Spurrier, Serfass

Unified Schools and Athletes 

East Ridge High School

7:10pm Girls 400 Unified – DeAnnutis, Franklin, Polidura, Galindo
8:50pm Girls 1600 Relay Unified – Fernandes, Fernandez, Velenta, Newton

Lake Minneola High 

7:10pm Girls 400 Relay Unified – Le, Ortiz-Santana, Valenta, Murray

Mount Dora High School 

7:10pm Boys 400 Relay Unified – Russell, Bailey, Thurmond, Parker
8:50pm Boys 1600 Relay Unified – Bailey, Colon, Butler, Parker

Tavares High School

8:50pm Boys 1600 Relay Unified – Northup, Regis, Welch, Huff

FHSAA Class 2A State Championship
Thursday, May 18th
Location: UNF Hodges Stadium

Mount Dora High School

1pm Girls Pole Vault – Aubrey Sellers
2:30pm Boys Long Jump – Benjamin Clouthier
5:30pm Boys Triple Jump – Benjamin Clouthier
4:00pm Girls 3200 Relay – Douglas, Roman, Vu, Koester, Vu, O’Neil, Zagorini, Davis
6:35pm Girls 1600M Run – Noelle Vu
7:25pm Boys 400M Hurdles – Zackary Cho-Sam
8:15pm Girls 3200M Run – Noelle Vu

The Villages Charter School

1pm Girls Javelin Throw – Jacquelyn Globig
1pm Girls Javelin Throw – Caley Sosnowski
1pm Girls Javelin Throw – Taylor Fugate
2:30pm Girls Discus Throw – Cheryl Lape
2:30pm Boys Javelin – Shawn Carr
4:00pm Boys Discus – Bryton Russ
4:00pm Girls 3200 Relay – Probola, Byron, Sosnowski, Thomas, Hume, Elstad, Baca Aguilar, Farrish
4:00pm Boys 3200 Relay – Probola Clarke, Ascencio-Rojo, Clarke, Agbo, Hernandez, Burton, Saucier
6:00pm Girls 100 M Hurdles – Natalee Elstad
6:15pm Boys 110 M Hurdles – Jaceson Globig
6:50pm Girls 400M Relay – Brito, Thomas, Probola, Elstad, Cree, Nguyen, Byron, Joseph
7:25pm Girls 400M Hurdles – Natalee Elstad
7:45pm Girls 800M Run – LIia Byron
7:45pm Girls 800M Run – Ella Thomas
8:40pm Girls 1600M Relay – Probola, Byron, Elstad, Thomas, Sosnowski, Brito, Hume, DiMaggio

South Sumter High School

4:00pm Girls Triple Jump – Payton Rodgers
5:30pm Boys Triple Jump – Denzel McDonald
6:00pm Girls 100M Hurdles – Payton Rodgers
7:25pm Girls 400M Hurdles – Payton Rodgers

Eustis High School

3:00pm Girls High Jump – Skye Dias
6:25pm Boys 100M Dash – Amare Williams
6:50pm Girls 400M Relay – Carter, Carter, Dias, Kelly, Taylor, Filetti
6:50pm Boys 400M Relay – Williams, Gaines, Vega, Wilson, Wilder, Allgood
8:00pm Boys 200M Dash – Amare Williams

FHSAA Class 3A State Championship
Friday, May 19th
Location: UNF Hodges Stadium

Tavares High School

2:30pm Boys Javelin – Brady Hinckley
3:00pm Boys Pole Vault – Kris Kupinski
7:45pm Boys 800M Run – Matthew Raucci

Lake Minneola High

6:15pm Boys 110M Hurdles – Kai Evans
6:25pm Boys 100M Dash – Kai Evans
7:25pm Boys 400M Hurdles – Kenneth Smith
7:25pm Boys 400M Hurdles – Kai Evans
7:25pm Boys 400M Hurles – Jalen Dickerson
8:00pm Boys 200M Dash – Kai Evans

Leesburg High School

7:25pm Girls 400M Hurdles – Ja’Hiya Dawkins

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