Glover Chiropractic

0.7 min read| Published On: May 1st, 2018|

By Akers Editorial

Glover Chiropractic

0.7 min read| Published On: May 1st, 2018|

Photo: Fred Lopez

Elizabeth SellersOffice Manager, C.C.P.A. (center)

Kendra ArmbrechtCertified Chiropractic Physician’s Assistant (left)

Whitney LawBilling Coordinator (front)

Chelsea GilesChiropractic Assistant (back)

Jessica RinneChiropractic Assistant (right)


Patients of Glover Chiropractic offer endless praise to the staff. Friendly. Caring. Personable. 

And let’s not forget fun. 

“They say seeing us is the most entertainment they have all day,” says Office Manager Elizabeth Sellers. 

In addition to Elizabeth, the staff includes Jessica Rinne, Chelsea Giles, Whitney Law, and Kendra Armbrecht. This close-knit team participates in activities outside of work, including cookouts, birthday parties, and volunteering at events such as Leesburg Bikefest. No wonder they work so well together in an office environment.

“Patients know everything about us, and we know everything about them,” says Billing Coordinator Whitney Law. “One patient battling neuropathy underwent treatments with us, and she said visiting our office was the highlight of her week.”

312 N 14th St, Leesburg // 352.787.9995 //

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