April 1, 2024

Got Talent: Award winning Clermont Author Weaves Stories that Illuminate the Human Experience

1.6 min read| Published On: April 1st, 2024|

By Roxanne Brown

Got Talent: Award winning Clermont Author Weaves Stories that Illuminate the Human Experience

1.6 min read| Published On: April 1st, 2024|

In a realm where most see the world as a sequence of people, places and things, William “Bill” Delia sees untold stories waiting to be penned into literary existence. 

Born in Connecticut, Bill lived in nine states throughout his lifetime before settling in upstate New York where he spent 15 years in the ministry. Before that, he worked in nonprofits for 30 years. More recently, when his son relocated to Orlando, Bill and his wife, Regina, moved to Florida to be closer to their grandchildren and family.

Bill started writing during his seminary years. He said it’s something he’d dreamed of doing since childhood. He started with a short story that ended up being his debut novel, “Home to the Mountains,” followed by the acclaimed “Healing River.”

In 2022, one of his books took the Florida Writers Association’s Silver Award and in 2023, “The Mayor of Pudding Hill” won the Gold Award for mainstream literary fiction.

Reflecting on his creative process, Bill shares insights from his 17-book journey. 

“Getting the first one out can be tough; kind of like opening a jar of olives,” he muses. “But once you get that first one out, the others seem to come easier.”

Bill consistently offers readers a glimpse into the lives of “ordinary people navigating extraordinary circumstances.” His works are often filled with spiritual or uplifting themes.

“If you read what I write, I think most of the time you come away feeling like there’s a happy ending,” Bill says. “The reason is to find some sense of encouragement or hope from what happens in the stories.”

Beyond books, Bill enjoys songwriting and singing with The Kings Ridge Ramblers, a musical group he’s part of. His songs are a cross between country and pop, influenced by artists like Peter, Paul and Mary, Jackson Browne and James Taylor. He also enjoys collaborating and sharing what he’s learned with others in two writers groups he leads.

“People bring what they’re working on, they share it, we give each other feedback and that really helps all of us to get better at what we do,” Bill says.

Whether guiding aspiring authors or sharing anecdotes with strangers, Bill embodies the essence of storytelling.

On his website, wmdeliabooks.com, he extends a special invitation to guests: “Welcome. Come on in. Have I got a story for you…”  

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