November 29, 2023

Having Fun is Second Nature for Scooter the DJ

1.7 min read| Published On: November 29th, 2023|

By Cynthia McFarland

Having Fun is Second Nature for Scooter the DJ

1.7 min read| Published On: November 29th, 2023|

Life on stage comes naturally to Scooter the DJ.

Workplace statistics reveal that the average person has 10 to 15 career changes before retirement. Michael “Scooter” Miller has no intention of being “average” and is having a blast bucking those stats.

The Lady Lake resident didn’t set out to be a DJ, but he makes a living playing tunes, revving up crowds, and getting people to dance.  

Born at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama in 1960, he earned his nickname as a quick-crawling baby. He’s been “Scooter” ever since.

During his dad’s military career, the family lived in several states, but most of Scooter’s childhood was spent in Maryland.

He was a recreation major at Frostburg State University in Maryland when his fraternity planned a huge party and told Scooter he’d be the DJ. 

Following that night in January 1980, Scooter started getting DJ requests and unexpectedly found himself in business.

His last semester before graduating in 1982, he scored a Disney internship through their college program.

“I was a swimmer, so they paid me and gave me college credit to be a lifeguard at Disney. I’d lifeguard, get a tan, and DJ on the side,” says Scooter.

After the internship, he accepted an entry management job there while continuing his DJ gigs. Three years later, when offered a Disney management position, he realized he could make more DJing in one night than all week as a manager. From then on, he worked solely as a DJ.

If anyone was meant for this career, it’s Scooter. From his over-the-top energy and clever one-liners to his quirky hats, he has no problem being the star of the show.

“I was voted ‘most humorous’ in high school, but never thought this would be my full-time job,” he admits. 

He played his first party in The Villages in 1998, which led to playing the Town Square at Spanish Springs. Now he plays each square once a month and performs in The Villages about five times every month.

He and his wife Melissa play golf and enjoy RVing. 

“A lot of the Villagers have us do their kids’ weddings all over the country,” says Scooter, 63.

“We take our RV, load up all the gear and make it more fun than it should be!”

Scooter credits his faith for where he is today.

“I follow God’s plan. It changed my life,” he says. “I’m so blessed. I love what I do and get to have fun for a living.”  

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