December 31, 2023

Health Pros: Better Vision Awaits

3.3 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

By Akers Editorial

Health Pros: Better Vision Awaits

3.3 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

Better Vision Awaits

Orlando Health Medical Group FHV Health expands Care with Fenney Location

Since its founding in 1971, Ocala Eye has grown to become the most comprehensive eye care practice in North Central Florida.

With six office locations, and a seventh opening near The Village of Fenney, Ocala Eye cares for patients across the region. The surgery center in Ocala will soon be joined by a second surgery center also near The Village of Fenney.

The new surgery center and the additional office near The Village of Fenney make it even more convenient for residents to find the vision care they need.

“The Villages is growing fast, and there is a significant population on the south end, which is an hour from Ocala. We’re providing new locations, so people don’t have to drive to Ocala or Orlando,” notes Dr. Michael Morris, one of the practice owners, who has been with Ocala Eye for 30 years in 2024.

Ocala Eye’s new surgery center in The Villages is slated to open Spring 2024, and will feature two operating rooms for major surgeries, as well as operating rooms fully equipped for laser surgeries. 

Patient-centered care

Patients appreciate the quality care and results provided by the large panel of providers at Ocala Eye.

With an experienced team of both ophthalmologists and optometrists, the practice handles all manner of eye conditions, including thousands of cataract surgeries annually.

Dr. Morris specializes in cataracts and glaucoma. He personally performs hundreds of eye surgeries each year.

He explains that with today’s technology, incisions are smaller and improved surgery methods lead to quicker recovery.

“When I started my career, a good cataract surgery was one performed without complications. Now a good one is where the patient no longer needs to wear glasses,” he notes. “We have many new options in terms of lens implants after we remove the cloudy lens from the eye. Not only can people see better after having their cataracts removed, they can also have independence from glasses.” 

Many patients are amazed at how well they can see because they didn’t realize how bad their cataracts were.

“The most gratifying thing for me is seeing that smile on the patient’s face that first post-op day. They don’t have to wait weeks or months. They have great vision in days,” says Dr. Morris.

Ocala Eye also offers the latest technology to correct astigmatism and presbyopia, allowing patients to enjoy visual clarity they never expected. 

Problem solving

Aesthetics play an important role in eye health. Ocala Eye has this covered with an oculoplastic surgeon on staff.

This is the expert you’ll see to solve the problem of droopy upper eyelids, (ptosis), excess skin, or “bags” below the lower eyelid. In addition to adding years to your appearance, sagging skin around the eyes can interfere with vision.

Surgery known as blepharoplasty can remove excess skin, eliminating vision problems and making eyes look younger.

An oculoplastic specialist can also improve facial appearance with reconstructive surgery after Mohs surgery for skin cancer.

To provide optimal results, this surgeon understands eye diseases and conditions as well as oculoplastic surgeries.Procedures are performed in both the Ocala and Villages’ surgery centers.

Once your vision is the best it can be, it only makes sense that you want to put your best face forward.

Ocala Eye has one doctor and two nurse practitioners on staff who are skilled at facial injections, including Botox® and fillers, and using lasers for skin procedures.

“We have skilled experts and state-of-the-art equipment for these procedures,” notes Dr. Morris. “We also have an esthetician who does sophisticated facials and works with our nurse practitioner and oculoplastic surgeon.”

Aesthetic services are offered in the Ocala and Villages’ locations.

Patients experiencing hearing trouble can find answers to that problem in the same office they visit for vision care. Ocala Eye now provides hearing aid services.

“People who have vision problems often have hearing problems. We got into the hearing aid business so we could offer our patients the same quality, ethical care they’re accustomed to. We sell only name brand top-quality hearing aid products,” says Dr. Morris.

With an increasing population of people aged 65 and older in Central Florida–and nationwide—the number of people needing vision and hearing care continues to rise. 

“The goal of our practice is that when we offer a service, we want it to be top notch, no compromises. We don’t offer something unless we can do this and we hire qualified people to provide those services,” says Dr. Morris.

And if you simply need new glasses or contacts, at Ocala Eye you’ll find licensed opticians working in the optical shop. When you come to fill your prescription, a licensed optician will
help you find the right product and fit your glasses.

Need an appointment or have questions? Reach out today.

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