October 30, 2020

Healthy Inspiration: He’s got the power

3.7 min read| Published On: October 30th, 2020|

By Roxanne Brown

Healthy Inspiration: He’s got the power

3.7 min read| Published On: October 30th, 2020|

Clermont man puts fun, flare and passion into shaping local warriors. 

Photo: Nicole Hamel

For as long as he can remember, Power Casrock’s life has revolved around health and fitness.

As a child, he always stayed active and organized little fitness groups for people and as he got older, he got into boxing; but carb cravings – especially bread and his mother’s vegan chocolate chip cookies – translated into a dreaded belly.

“Even when I gained a gut, I was training people and at that point, I didn’t realize I was getting big until somebody pointed it out. That’s when I figured I better practice what I preach, lead by example,” Casrock says.

For the past 14 years, Casrock, has taught Zumba/Tae-Bo inspired classes he’s dubbed “DYGO” – or Dance Your Gut Off – at Waterfront Park in downtown Clermont that anyone in the community can take for free. 

“We started the DYGO thing because you know, you’re out here and you see a lot of restaurants popping up everywhere and people getting big all in the area; gaining weight out here in the community and I was like you know what? The park is like right here, so let me create something people can just come right up to, get in the fresh air for, and just work out by dancing and having a good time,” Casrock says.

But he is also a private personal and master trainer (he trains other trainers to teach) who relishes in the nickname his warriors have given him of “The world’s greatest fat destroyer.”  

His latest program? Brutal X.

Casrock explains: “I created Brutal X because I’ve already taught Cross Fit, I’ve taught Zumba, and the DYGO and boot camps, I’ve taught everything and I also train people to teach classes, I’m what you call a master trainer. I thought, ‘I have to take this to the next level. I have to create something that’s never been done, like a program that’s so unique, you can’t get it anywhere.’”

Well, nowhere but in his backyard, where he’s set up a training course of huge rubber tires and tunnels students have to jump and crawl through while marching like soldiers, carrying weighted dummies and sledgehammers, plus climbing ropes in trees, working their abs poolside and more – all while a very energetic Casrock pushes and motivates them to keep going.

Casrock refers to Brutal X as “probably the best kept secret in Clermont” saying that as long as people keep up with his program, it works despite less than ideal food choices.

“People want to have their pizzas and want to eat things like that, even though I tell them not to, so I came up with a program that’s gonna burn fat in spite of what they’re eating. A lot of times, you know they’ll say, nutrition and fitness is 90 percent what you eat, but I came up with a program where 90 percent is going to be this physical thing. You’re eating garbage, but you’re still gonna lose the weight, you’re gonna still bust up the fat because the program is so intense; so relentless.”

Overall, Casrock says he credits the regimen for his own muscular physique and six pack abs, but most of all, takes pride in knowing he’s helping others get healthier, happier and more confident in their own skins. 

“It’s a very intense program, but it’s a lot of fun and I keep them motivated. It’s like an artist, you know? You’re an artist and you want to like sculpt people. Just watching the transformations, that’s how I really get my joy,” Casrock says. “When you look at people and they look at themselves and they come back happy and pleased and they say, ‘Ah man, thank you, you know, you’ve transformed my body, transformed my health and my life.’ It just lets me know that what I’m doing is working, that it’s right and that it’s needed.” 

Additionally, Casrock says Brutal X is a program that people can do, regardless of their condition. He said he uses the raw equipment and outdoor setting to their advantage.

“There are some people who come that say they may not be able to do some of the things because they have bad knees, but I say, the knees will get stronger,” says Casrock. “We have sand and dirt which is good on the joints. We have rubber, which is good on the joints, whereas concrete and hard floors, like in gyms or running outside, can be bad for the knees.”

Casrock continues: “We’re waking muscles and joints that usually don’t get much use or movement, creating better flexibility. People lose the weight and the next thing you know they’re like on no medication, on nothing. They’re just ripping and running, feeling good.”

And age, Casrock says, is definitely just a number. 

“I don’t really believe in people aging and getting old and decrepit. I believe if you’re active, every year you should be one year stronger, one year smarter, one year healthier than you were before. Each year you’re learning and getting stronger as you go,” Casrock says. “Plus, working out here, in this way, definitely helps the mind. You’ve got to stay sharp.”

For more information, follow Power Casrock on Facebook and Instagram or visit brutalxzone.com.

About the Author: Roxanne Brown

Originally from Nogales, Arizona, Roxanne worked in the customer service industry while writing independently for years. After moving to Florida in 1999, Roxanne eventually switched her career path to focus more on writing and went on to become an award-winning reporter for The Daily Commercial/South Lake Press newspapers for 16 years prior to coming on board with Akers Media as a staff writer in July 2020 – her dream job come true.

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