May 31, 2023

Here’s why men are worth celebrating

1.3 min read| Published On: May 31st, 2023|

By Kendra Akers

Here’s why men are worth celebrating

1.3 min read| Published On: May 31st, 2023|

Let’s hear it for the boys! These men are suited for business.

In May, we introduced you to a group of beautiful, bright, and bold ladies who were featured as in our special Businesswomen of Success edition. 

This month, men take the spotlight. 

Like their female counterparts, these men possess the necessary traits to achieve success. They make well-informed decisions, stay abreast of the latest trends in their industries, communicate effectively, and surround themselves with highly motivated employees. 

One only needs to look at previous Businessmen of Style winners to realize how true this is. Joe Ziler of Kevco Builders, Joe Ciceri of Electrical Works, and Michael Brashear of Anytime Fitness are great examples. They all started out small, worked extremely hard, and grew their companies to full potential. They also helped create local jobs and have generously given back to their communities. 

This year’s crop of Businessmen of Style once again represents diverse professions — doctors, Realtors, electricians, financial advisors, business owners, landscapers, and more. Daring to dream big is the one characteristic they all have in common. 

I’d also like to take the time to say Happy Father’s Day to all you strong, funny, and amazing men who play an integral role in the lives of your children. As fathers, you provide a feeling of physical and emotional security in your children, you help push them to become their best, and your involvement helps promote inner growth and strength. 

People are always quick to throw out the term “deadbeat dads,” but let’s remember there are plenty of good men out there who are outstanding fathers. This is your month super dads, and we thank you for all you do. 

Lastly, now that June has arrived, enjoy those trips to the beach and long, leisurely hours on the boat. Just remember your sunscreen! 

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