May 25, 2023

Lake County Dedicates Liberty Tree to Preserve the Spirit of Patriotism

2.1 min read| Published On: May 25th, 2023|

By Cindy Peterson

Lake County Dedicates Liberty Tree to Preserve the Spirit of Patriotism

2.1 min read| Published On: May 25th, 2023|

In a heartfelt ceremony on Tuesday, May 23, Lake County dedicated a Liberty Tree at the Mount Dora VFW, paying homage to the courageous spirit of the American Revolution and honoring the principles of freedom that have shaped the nation.

“Every symbol of our liberty is part of that educational program of reminding us that it’s in our hands under God’s direction to build a great country, a great community, a great county,” Senator Dennis Baxley says.

The inspiration for the Liberty Tree dates back to August 14, 1765, when a defiant crowd gathered in Boston under a magnificent elm tree planted in 1646. This gathering marked the first public act of resistance against the despised Stamped Act, an event that laid the foundation for the American Revolutionary War. The tree became a symbol of liberty, and a copper plate was affixed to its trunk, declaring it a “tree of liberty.”

The Liberty Tree in Boston became a central meeting place for protestors and was surrounded by an area known as Liberty Hall. It served as a sanctuary where patriots could voice their grievances and unite in the fight for freedom. The tradition of Liberty Trees spread across the colonies, with other towns naming their own trees in support of the cause.

Despite the British Army’s attempts to suppress the symbol of liberty, colonists resiliently continued their defiance. When the original Liberty Tree in Boston was cut down, it was renamed the “Liberty Stump,” and its importance remained undiminished. Even decades later, during his 1825 tour of Boston, Marquis de Lafayette emphasized the significance of preserving the memory of the Liberty Tree.

The dedication of the Liberty Tree in Lake County serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the founding fathers and those who fought to preserve the freedom of the nation.

Senator Baxley underscored the significance of symbols like the Liberty Tree, stating that they play a vital role in educating each generation about the values and principles upon which the nation was built. He emphasized the need to protect faith, family, freedom, opportunity, and life, as these are the foundations that secure a prosperous future for all.

The proclamation read by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners paid tribute to the historic significance of the Liberty Tree and encouraged residents to reflect on the privileges and responsibilities of being American citizens.

The dedication ceremony concluded with a call to action to all attendees, urging them to embrace their roles as guardians of liberty and to instill in future generations an unwavering love for their country. The Liberty Tree in Lake County now stands as a beacon of freedom, reminding all who pass by of the dedication and sacrifices made by countless individuals throughout the nation’s history.

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