Lake County Honors Fallen Heroes in Memorial Service

2.3 min read| Published On: May 9th, 2024|

By Cindy Peterson

Lake County Honors Fallen Heroes in Memorial Service

2.3 min read| Published On: May 9th, 2024|

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recently held a solemn event to honor the dedication and sacrifices of law enforcement officers. The ceremony began with an introduction by Sheriff Peyton Grinnell, the presentation of colors by the Lake County Sheriff’s Honor Guard, the Pledge of Allegiance and a powerful rendition of the National Anthem by Tessa Farrell.

Chaplain Joshua Douglas delivered the invocation, drawing on the struggles and enduring faith of the prophet Jeremiah to inspire resilience and hope among those present. He emphasized the steadfast love and mercy of God, connecting these divine attributes to the selfless service of law enforcement officers.

The event also included a proclamation by the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Kirby Smith, who declared May 2024 as Law Enforcement Month in Lake County, urging the community to recognize and appreciate the critical role of these professionals.

Chief Sarah Coursey, the keynote speaker, highlighted the commitments and daily risks faced by law enforcement officers. She stressed the importance of community support for both active officers and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Chief Coursey shared personal reflections on how witnessing the strength and unity of the law enforcement community influenced her career choice.

“I am honored to be given the opportunity to gather here today to honor and recognize the extraordinary sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers throughout Lake County,” Chief Coursey says. “These brave men and women dedicated their lives to protecting and serving our communities. Their commitment to upholding the law and ensuring our safety is unparalleled.”

The ceremony concluded with a memorial service, acknowledging officers from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and other local departments who lost their lives in the line of duty. Names of the fallen were solemnly read, ensuring their sacrifices are remembered and honored.

From the Leesburg Police Department:

Chief James Lee Hux, end of watch February 13th, 1924.
Chief Bishop W Haney, end of watch October 10th, 1937.
Officer Jessie Beerbower, end of watch February 13th, 1944.

From the Mount Dora Police Department:

Officer Clinton M Hyde, end of watch December 5th, 1959.

From the Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

Chief Deputy Bob C. Wilcox, end of watch July 4th, 1919.
Deputy Israel S. Hughes, end of watch April 1st, 1925.
Town Marshal Robert Smithwick, end of watch April 2nd, 1929.
Deputy Gene E Daughtry, end of watch January 24th, 1993.
Deputy William J. Marie, end of watch March 19th, 1994.
Deputy Wayne J. Koester, end of watch February 9th, 2005.
Sheriff Christopher C. Daniels, end of watch October 14th, 2006.
Master Detention Deputy Lynn D. Jones, end of watch June 24th, 2020.
Master Detention Deputy Richard M. Berry, end of watch July 16th, 2020.

The event served as a powerful reminder of the courage, dedication, and sacrifice required of those who serve and protect, reinforcing the community’s gratitude and respect for their service.

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