March 15, 2024

Lake County Shines with 92% Graduation Rate For Black/African American Students

1.6 min read| Published On: March 15th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Lake County Shines with 92% Graduation Rate For Black/African American Students

1.6 min read| Published On: March 15th, 2024|

In the heart of Lake County, a remarkable transformation has been taking place in the realm of education. The latest statistics reveal that Lake County Schools are celebrating a significant achievement – a 92% graduation rate for Black/African American students. This accomplishment is a testament to the collective efforts of the community, educators, and a forward-thinking leadership team.

Mount Dora High School stands tall at the forefront, boasting an impressive 96.7% graduation rate for Black/African American students. However, the success story doesn’t end there. Across all Lake County High Schools, the graduation rates for this demographic exceed 85%, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity and academic excellence.

The list of achievements is extensive, with Lake County Schools demonstrating commendable progress in recent years. Hispanic/Latino graduation rates have remained steady, while the white student graduation rate has experienced minimal change.

This educational renaissance is not a coincidence but the result of a dedicated leadership team’s strategic initiatives. Lake County has witnessed a remarkable turnaround, with numerous schools increasing their graduation rates from below 70% to well over 85% in just a few short years.

Umatilla High School’s Principal, Brent Fraizer, received well-deserved recognition as the Florida Principal of the Year, a testament to the impactful leadership driving positive change. Meanwhile, Principal Michael Randolph spearheaded an impressive climb from a 67% overall graduation rate to an astounding 87% in just seven years at Leesburg High. The Black/African American graduation rate at Leesburg High has reached nearly 90%, exceeding the state average by 2%.

The community impact is profound. Lake County Schools are not only shaping academic success but also fostering a culture of giving back. Graduates like Wesley Nino Green from Eustis, D’mani Nettles from Leesburg High, Eric Samuels from Umatilla High, and many others are actively contributing to their communities as coaches, leaders, CEO’s and educators.

While Lake County Schools continue to improve year after year, the community recognizes the value of education. Programs like AICE Cambridge level courses and Leesburg’s College Campus Tours are providing students with opportunities beyond traditional classroom learning, preparing them for success in higher education.

Lake County’s commitment to education is a beacon of hope, and the community expresses gratitude to parents, teachers, faculty, and those at the highest levels for their unwavering dedication. The rising graduation rates not only reflect academic achievements but also signify a brighter future for the students of Lake County, who are now more equipped than ever to succeed in various endeavors. Still plenty of work to do but this is amazing news.

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About the Author: Kyle Coppola

Kyle Coppola was born in Newton, Massachusetts and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications from Curry College in 2016. After traveling to Florida on a family vacation, he decided he could not get enough of the warm weather and made the move from snowy Massachusetts to central Florida 8 years ago.

For the last decade Kyle has gained valuable experience in social media content creation, marketing and sales, writing, video production, sports announcing and even broadcasting for local radio stations, such as FM 102.9 in The Villages and FM 91.5 in Massachusetts. Every year he volunteers at The Villages Charter High School as a play-by-play sports announcer for the football games as well as a public address announcer for the basketball games, including the annual Battle at The Villages Tournament.

Outside the office Kyle is a husband and father to two beautiful girls along with their cat. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family, travel, play golf and swim. He is also a huge sports junkie and even bigger motorsports fan and loves to attend racing events when he can.

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