February 28, 2024

Leesburg High School Girls Weightlifting Team Win State Championship

2.5 min read| Published On: February 28th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Leesburg High School Girls Weightlifting Team Win State Championship

2.5 min read| Published On: February 28th, 2024|

The Leesburg High Girls Weightlifting team showcased an exceptional performance at the FHSAA Class 2A State Championship last week, securing two historic team state titles. Let’s dive into the details of their remarkable achievements.

Traditional Weightlifting:

In the traditional category, the team engaged in a constant battle with New Smyrna Beach throughout the meet. Mileysa Lebron Escudero dominated the 101-pound category, securing 1st place with a lift of 260lbs. Kaitlynn Brady contributed significantly, earning 3rd place with a respectable 250 pounds.

(This is a stellar group of athletes right here. They worked hard all season long. They won yet another district championship and the ultimate goal of winning the state championship in Traditional and Olympic Weightlifting.)

The 129-pound class witnessed Kayla Nord securing 2nd place with a total weight of 325 pounds. In the 139-pound class, Justis Davis achieved a 6th place finish with a lift of 320 pounds. The Unlimited category stole the spotlight as E’Mia Jones and Nevaeh Wells displayed an incredible show of athleticism.

(Kayla Nord showing off all of her State Championship medals. She is an absolutely incredible athlete. Photo Credit – Kayla Nord)

Nevaeh Wells conquered the Unlimited class with a phenomenal 480-pound lift, surpassing 2nd place Aleah Baron by 35 pounds. E’Mia Jones secured 3rd position with an impressive lift of 420 pounds. Together, Wells and Jones combined for a staggering 900 pounds. Coach Josh Boyer’s leadership has undoubtedly propelled the Leesburg program to new heights.

As a team, Leesburg clinched a 3-point victory in the overall team category, securing the State Championship for Leesburg High School over New Smyrna Beach.

Olympic Weightlifting:

The Olympic Lifting segment continued the domination. In the 101-weight class, Kaitlynn Brady seized 1st place with a 250-pound lift, while Mileysa Lebron Escudero claimed 2nd place with 245 pounds.

Moving to the 129-pound class, Eustis weightlifter Jensen Luke secured 2nd place with a lift of 295 pounds, while Kayla Nord of Leesburg finished 4th with the same weight. The 139-pound class saw Justis Davis finishing 10th, while Eustis weightlifter Zeta Zachman secured 6th place.

(Leesburg Coach Josh Boyer has been such a pivotal part of the sustained success at Leesburg High School. His methods and techniques are unrivaled.)

In the fiercely competitive 183-pound class, Jordan Simpson of Leesburg secured a 3rd place finish with a lift of 305 pounds, contributing significantly to maintaining Leesburg’s lead over New Smyrna Beach.

Finally, in the Unlimited weight class, Leesburg continued its dominance. E’Mia Jones claimed 1st place with an incredible 410-pound lift, and Nevaeh Wells secured 3rd place with a lift of 375 pounds.

(E’Mia Jones has been one of the most successful athletes in Leesburg High School history. She has broken barriers in so many ways. She along with the team have made Girls Weightlifting a mainstream sport at the school.)

Leesburg emerged victorious as a team in Olympic weightlifting, earning 30 points compared to New Smyrna’s 24 points. The Yellow Jackets accomplished a sweep in both the Traditional and Olympic classes, showcasing a remarkable combination of power and unity. To recap the four individual State Championships are as followed.

E’Mia Jones – Unlimited Olympic
Navaeh Wells – Unlimited Traditional
Kaitlyn Brady – 101 Pound Olympic
Meleysa Lebron Escudero – 101 Pound Traditional

The girls, along with Coach Boyer and his team, have elevated the Leesburg Yellow Jackets to one of the best girls weightlifting teams in Lake County and Central Florida. Congratulations to all the girls, especially the seniors, for their outstanding achievements. The community is immensely proud of this team and all they represent. Now, the anticipation lingers as the question arises: can the boys’ team secure another state championship this year? Go Yellow Jackets!

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