June 21, 2024

Leesburg High’s ‘Jacket Tour’ Scores Big: 6 Days, 7 Scholarships, and Countless Highlights

1.5 min read| Published On: June 21st, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Leesburg High’s ‘Jacket Tour’ Scores Big: 6 Days, 7 Scholarships, and Countless Highlights

1.5 min read| Published On: June 21st, 2024|

In a whirlwind tour spanning six days across prominent universities, Leesburg High’s football team, adorned in their signature yellow jacket colors, left an indelible mark on the collegiate recruiting circuit. Kicking off at Gardner-Webb University, the team set the pace with an electrifying performance at the Mega Camp.

Led by standout performances from 2025 QB Xavier Irizarry, whose near-flawless passing caught the eye, and dynamic receivers like 2027 WR Ja’marian Clark and 2026 WR Kavion Murray, Leesburg’s offense set a high bar from day one.

Moving to Furman and North Greenville University on day two, the team delved into the life of student-athletes, gaining insights into various collegiate programs. At North Greenville, the players engaged in film study, drawing parallels between their own offensive strategies and those of the host university.

Western Carolina University welcomed the Jackets on day three for a prospect camp, where Xavier Irizarry continued to impress, earning his first scholarship offer. On defense, 2027 DB Jayden Robertson shone bright with multiple interceptions, while DBs James Benton and Tocori Skinner formed a “no fly zone” with their stellar pass breakups.

(The Leesburg High football team standing outside The Citadel athletic complex.)

Days four and five saw the team in tournament mode at Wofford College and UNC, respectively. Xavier Irizarry, along with WRs James Benton and Lamar Garrison, dominated the competitions, drawing attention and offers from multiple colleges. Freshman sensation Lamar Garrison stole the spotlight with an astonishing 14 touchdowns in just 7 games earning offers from Marshall, Cincinnati, and UTSA.

The tour culminated at The Citadel and Charleston Southern University, where insights into military life and further impressive performances by quarterbacks Xavier Irizarry and Jake Kinsy solidified their standing on recruiting radars. WR Jaiden Castillo’s prowess in 1v1 matchups added to the team’s stellar showcase.

Reflecting on the journey, Coach Max Tucker expressed pride in the team’s cohesion and achievements. “We became closer as a team and got 4 kids scholarship offers,” he remarked, highlighting the impact beyond the statistics. With a total of 7 offers secured during the tour, Leesburg High’s ‘Jacket Tour’ underscored their dominance and camaraderie, setting a precedent for future seasons.

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