July 7, 2024

Leesburg Recuse Pup ‘Mocha’ Featured in New Chewy Commercial

1 min read| Published On: July 7th, 2024|

By Cindy Peterson

Leesburg Recuse Pup ‘Mocha’ Featured in New Chewy Commercial

1 min read| Published On: July 7th, 2024|

Mocha, a once-stray dog, has captured hearts and spotlights with her incredible journey from being found wandering near the Ocala National Forest to becoming a successful dog model. Her transformation into red carpet royalty began three years ago when she was found by a kind woman who brought her to Sharon Dodsworth’s home.

Mocha’s previous owner, who was found after she wandered off, revealed that this wasn’t her first escape and that she had been missing for two weeks. Understanding the challenges, Sharon offered to re-home Mocha. The family agreed, and Mocha found a new home with Sharon and her dog, Royal.

Mocha quickly formed a strong bond with Royal, inspiring Sharon to explore Mocha’s potential as a dog model. “She took to it naturally,” Sharon says.

Mocha’s talent shone through as she participated in various local contests and events. Her charm and grace earned her recognition as a finalist in America’s Next Top Dog Model and a feature in Paw Prints Magazine.

Last year, Mocha’s modeling career reached new heights when she nailed her test shots at the studio of popular online pet supply company, Chewy. She was invited to join the Chewy team and has now landed her second commercial gig.

See it here:

Sharon hopes Mocha’s story will inspire others to adopt and rescue pets from shelters, giving more animals a chance to find their forever homes and perhaps even their moment in the spotlight.

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