April 12, 2024

Leesburg Student-Athletes Sign College Commitment Letters

2.9 min read| Published On: April 12th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Leesburg Student-Athletes Sign College Commitment Letters

2.9 min read| Published On: April 12th, 2024|

It was a terrific day at Leesburg High School as 5 student-athletes signed their college commitment letters. The ceremony was attended by family, friends, and coaches who all had encouraging words for the young men who are going on to further their education and athletic careers. Basketball players Jermarien Williams committed to Reid State College, and Wilton Jean Pierre committed to Minnesotta North College. Football players Kanye Gaines committed to Butler Community College, Corbyn Harrison committed to Webber International University and Dajleon Ward signed to Webber International University.

(From left to right – Wilton Jean-Pierre, Jermarien Williams, Kanye Gaines, Corbyn Harrison, Dajleon Ward)

Coach Sean Campbell, who is the head basketball coach, offered words of advice. “No matter where you go, always remember where you came from. I am so proud of you all. I’ve known many of them since they were little. To see the culmination of their high school journey is always amazing. Although your high school career is just ending, your life is just beginning,” said Coach Campbell.

(The 2024 Leesburg basketball team stands together to honor the members of the team headed to play in college. Wilton Jean-Pierre heads to Mesabi Range College, Jermarien Williams heads to Reid State College.)

Leesburg football coach Frank Scott also offered words of encouragement. “I did not get the chance to coach any of these fine young men, but I did coach against them. Let me tell you, each one of them is special. I want to congratulate the family members and everyone who has helped these men get to this point in their lives. This is a special moment,” said Coach Scott.

(Coach Frank Scott offered words of encouragement to the five men who will continue their athletic and playing careers in college.)

Leesburg Principal Michael Randolph was in attendance. “This is what it’s all about, sending our young men and women off to pursue their dreams. I am proud of every one of these guys for the work they put into this program and what they will do in the future,” said Principal Randolph.

(The Leesburg football team stand around Kanye Gaines in white, Corbyn Harrison with the glasses and Dajleon Ward in gray who will be playing college football.)

Leesburg Athletic Director Spencer Hey would go on to say, “We couldn’t be more proud of these players. Thank you to the families, teachers, coaches, and everyone who has been a part of their journey. Thank you for everything you have done for them,” said Spencer Hey.

(Dajleon Ward right and Corbyn Harrison left sign their college letters. They will both be headed to Webber International University to play football.)

The following athletes signed their commitment letters:

Jermarien Williams signed to Reid State College.

Kanye Gaines signed to Butler Community College for football

Corbyn Harrison signed to Webber International University for football.

Dajleon Ward signed to Webber International University

Wilton Jean Pierre signed with Minnesota North College.

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