March 27, 2024

MDCA Softball Dominates with 10-0 Victory over Master’s Academy

1.6 min read| Published On: March 27th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

MDCA Softball Dominates with 10-0 Victory over Master’s Academy

1.6 min read| Published On: March 27th, 2024|

Mount Dora Christian Academy had a stellar night as the girls defeated Master’s Academy by a score of 10-0. While the batters were impressive, it was 7th grader Skylar Colas who put in one of the best performances of her career.

Colas took the mound, and instantly you felt like she was going to have an impressive game. Colas would go on to pitch 6 scoreless innings, only giving up 2 hits and striking out 9 batters. She gave up only 2 walks on the evening, and Master’s Academy had no answers for how well Colas was playing that night.

(Lily Bryant is an exciting sophomore. She has a .387 batting average and has helped the team at the plate this season.)

Offensively, MDCA took over early with a 2-0 lead. While Master’s Academy kept it close in the 3rd inning, Colas did not relent and continued to have a huge night at the plate. That helped MDCA deliver 2 runs in the 4th inning and another 5 in the 6th inning, ending the game early.

Some standout performances included sophomore Lily Bryant, who had 2 hits including a double and a home run. Sophomores Emmi Bowman and Lily Bryant each scored 2 runs, while others like Elle Paul, Allie Hayden, Katie Bayly, and Savannah Perez contributed with runs scored.

(Emmi Bowman has been terrific this year. She has 14 runs scored, 12 hits and 8 RBIs.)

For Master’s Academy, it was not the worst night on the mound. Reagan Peri, an 8th grader, kept the score manageable. She gave up only 3 hits but walked 10 batters, which severely impacted the game. The inability to find the strike zone gave MDCA the advantage. Master’s also couldn’t contend with the speed of Katie Bayly, who stole three bases. Shannon Bailey and Courtney Wood also stole bases.

(Sophomore Shannon Bailey is the first baseman and leads the team with 16 runs scored this year.)

Overall, you could not have hoped for a better outcome. That’s a big win for MDCA following a 5-3 loss to Tavares last week. MDCA will get a chance to rest on Wednesday before a matchup with Umatilla High on Thursday at home at 7 pm. The Umatilla High team is looking for an upset, just like Tavares last week. It should be a highly interesting game.

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