June 28, 2024

Meet the Candidate: Addie Owens

1.7 min read| Published On: June 28th, 2024|

By Akers Editorial

Meet the Candidate: Addie Owens

1.7 min read| Published On: June 28th, 2024|

VOTE Addie Owens, Running for Florida Representative, District 26

Voting for Addie Owens is a vote for the future prosperity of Lake County, and an investment into long-term leadership of Florida. She may be new to state elections, but her track record demonstrates she has the experience to deliver for Lake County. 

It only takes a few moments with Owens to learn that she is a compassionate leader focused on and invested in the best outcome for Floridians. She has a heart and the drive of a woman who started with nothing but hope and faithful prayers.

As a young mother, facing the harsh realities of single parenthood, she chose a career path that prioritized her family. Looking back at those early years of her career, Owens gratefully remarks, “I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. They were both great and tough. The lessons I learned about business and our community are all priceless. They shaped me as a leader and helped develop resilience in my career. Most importantly, I was present with my children, creating lasting memories. As a young woman, I always dreamed of raising my family in a town like those found in the Golden Triangle. It has been all I ever hoped for and more because of the people that live here.”

Serving the people of North Lake County has always been a passion for Owens and an open House seat presents an opportunity for her to help position Lake County for a bright future. Commissioner Sean Parks, who has endorsed Addie Owens, says, “A true conservative, Addie is a hard worker and consummate professional who makes fact-based decisions while listening to people. In a time where growth brings great opportunity yet so many challenges, I believe Addie will work well with Lake County and our 14 unique cities and towns to make the right long-term policy decisions.”

Commissioner Josh Blake, who has also endorsed Owens adds, “Central Floridians need to know our representative in Tallahassee will defend our interests. I believe Republican Addie Owens is the best candidate to take on the important issues like preserving our gun rights, keeping the federal government out of local decision making, and fighting to make sure property insurance is accessible and affordable.”

As to legislative priorities Addie says, “We need better roads, deeper investments into our education and economic systems to improve upward mobility within our communities. I’m the right person to get that job done.”

Addie Owens, Republican, is running for election to the Florida House of Representatives District 26, encompassing North Lake County.

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