August 14, 2023

Mount Dora High Introduces 2023 Football Uniforms

3.4 min read| Published On: August 14th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Mount Dora High Introduces 2023 Football Uniforms

3.4 min read| Published On: August 14th, 2023|

The 2023 Football season is almost upon us. This time of the year it’s always fun to see what kind of new or familiar uniforms a team will be wearing. Mount Dora is the latest team to go with an all mono color scheme for the 2023 season. This is a trend that has been happening in recent years. For whatever the reason teams seem to think that the same colored jerseys and pants are a great combo.

(The white uniforms look really clean with white pants. The numbers matching the helmet are a good touch. Overall these uniforms get a nice passing grade. MDH is embracing the grey this year as you will find out.)

From a simplistic mindset I think they look well put together. But the classic football fan in me hopes that they are able to wear some different pants or jersey combinations like past Hurricane teams that looked really well done. Luckily we will be getting different pants and sock combonations to really make the uniform pop. Coach Hutchinson said there are a few combonations that the team will wear this season to switch things up.

(The 2012 Mount Dora High Football team had a white jersey, orange pants and orange helmet. They looked absolutely amazing! We miss these so much and hope Mount Dora brings these back one day!)

Let’s take a look at this season’s jerseys. First I want to thank Joe Ott Photography “Fan Zone” for his amazing photos. He always does an amazing job showcasing the Lake County athletes and these photos are awesome! Mount Dora will be going with what appears to be white on white and grey on gray this year. A departure from the black on black the team wore last year.

(When viewed from the side the charcoal colored uniforms are some of the more intriguing options Mount Dora has ever put onto the field. The entire uniform matching looks clean though. Very much a departure from the old school days of orange and white.)

While the black uniforms were cool, it was challenging to wear them in the early months of the season when the temperatures are scorching hot even at kickoff time. So I think getting rid of the black uniforms in favor of a white and gray uniform is a good decision. Now adding an orange helmet or orange pants would have been great but this is 2023 and the one tone color for the entire jersey is the thing that is in right now.

(The two uniforms are vastly different from one another. Those orange numbers will take some getting used to on the grey jersey.)

First off I love the white and gray helmets together. I think that is a clean look with the Mount Dora Orange that has changed over the years. Orange used to be the primary color Mount Dora used to wear, but in recent years a change to Black, Grey and subtle hints of orange have adorned the uniforms.

I do wish Mount Dora would have had some striping down the sides of the pants or maybe an orange pants combo would have gone well with the white uniforms but they still look fresh. The grey numbers match the helmet which is a nice touch this year. Will be interesting to see how well they appear on camera and could be an announcer’s nightmare calling games but they seem nice and easy to read in these photos so hopefully they look as good on the field.

(One thing is for sure, the team will be showing grass stains easily on the white jerseys this year. Not that that’s a bad thing. Also Mount Dora has elected to stick with Natural Grass. We love that decision and hope to never see artificial turf at a Mount Dora field. Great to see a school putting the safety of it’s players front and center.)

As for the grey alternate uniform I think they are a good concept. “certainly Grey on Orange for numbers is a bold strategy so lets see if it pays off for them. The uniforms are very modern and the gray on gray is unique. When compared to the majestic beauty of past Mount Dora Uniforms with the orange helmets and two tones of jersey and pants of the early 2010s, I think those are more traditional for Mount Dora. Overall this is a much more modern uniform. It looks unique and if they are going for eye catching, it certainly is that.

The thing with coach Hutchinson’s program is that new is not something to be afraid of. If last year is any indication, the new uniforms, new star players and coaching staff should elevate this team to new heights in 2023. It will be challenging especially because of the division that the Canes play in. Lets see how it all plays out!

Photos Provided By:

Joe Ott Photography (Fan Zone)

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