November 30, 2022

Brian McKinley

1.4 min read| Published On: November 30th, 2022|

By James Combs

Brian McKinley

1.4 min read| Published On: November 30th, 2022|

A man of many talents.

Love of music: I began playing the trumpet in 6th grade as a member of the Clermont Middle School band. In 8th grade, I learned how to play both the clarinet and guitar. During my senior year, I taught myself to play piano, and particularly enjoy playing “Minute Waltz” by Frederic Chopin. For me, the piano is therapy, taking my mind off school and stress. 

Memorable Boy Scout experience: In 2019, I went to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. It was a rigorous experience because we learned how to survive under harsh conditions. We also learned how to build signal towers and small sleeping shelters. We had no access to the outside world for two weeks. 

Favorite music genre: There is no favorite. I love everything from bongo drums to Mongolian throat singing.

One word that best describes me: Rambunctious. I have lots of energy and am all over the place. I’m like a dog chasing its tail. 

What annoys me most:When people close the door most of the way but not all the way. That makes me lose my mind.

Greatest aspect about my generation: We’re eager to learn and appreciate the wisdom passed down from previous generations. 

Future plans: I enjoy building things, so I plan on majoring in electrical engineering. With engineering, you don’t need anyone to thank you for your efforts because your work is staring you in the face.  

Worst aspect about my generation: We get offended too easily because we don’t have a broad enough understanding to derive what another person was intending to say. We need to quit looking for things that offend us and start looking for things that inspire us. 

Favorite clothing style: I wear bell bottom jeans that were handed down from my father. Kids my age think it’s a new clothing style. 

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