March 1, 2014


1.9 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2014|

By Akers Editorial


1.9 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2014|

Elsie Zhao

Age: 17, Sophomore at Christian Home and Bible School


I aspire to become an emergency room physician. I like the idea of treating everything from broken bones to high fevers.

I will study medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. This university has a very challenging medical school and also has a pre-med program for undergraduate students.

I recently experienced a once-in-a-life opportunity when I attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Washington, D.C. This program is for high school students who desire to become physicians or go into medical research fields. I met students from across the country, as well as some of the nation’s top medical professionals. For me, it was quite fascinating to hear about the future of medicine and medical technology.

I moved to the United States from the Fujian Province in China more than a year ago. I wanted to receive the best education possible. My parents are still in China, but I live with my host mother, Nancy Beatty, who is also my English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher.

At first, I only spoke a little English. I told myself not to become frustrated because I would eventually speak the language fluently. I read all kinds of books to improve, and I even did some of my ESOL classes through Skype. I picked up on things very quickly.

For me, studying is very important and that is what I do most nights until 1a.m. My parents always preached to me about working hard to meet all my goals and dreams.

Even though I enjoy studying, I do not think earning good grades is everything. You can achieve success without making good grades. God gave everyone special talents and abilities. You must discover your God-given talent and work hard to continue developing that talent.

There is quite a difference between American schools and Chinese schools. In America, students leave the classroom as soon as the bell rings. In China, teachers make you remain in the classroom if they are not finished teaching a lesson. Also, students remain in one classroom all day in China, while the teachers are the ones who move around to different classrooms.

My favorite subject is math because I’m more of a logical thinker. I am not very creative and do not draw or paint.[divider_1px]

Vital stats

She’s ‘A’ okay: Elsie has maintained straight A’s since enrolling at Christian Home and Bible School.

You had better recognize: An aspiring doctor, Elsie was nominated to attend the prestigious Congress of Future Medical Leaders by Dr. Connie Mariano, who serves as medical director of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists.

Juggling act: In addition to maintaining good grades, Elsie has participated on the school’s golf and tennis teams.

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