September 1, 2013


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1.6 min read| Published On: September 1st, 2013|

susan-snellCo-founder/owner of Hound Dogg Entertainment

Susan Snell[divider_1px]

Brush with fame: My brother used to drive an entertainment coach, so I spent my 18th birthday with Ricky Van Shelton. I’ve also met Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, and Alan Jackson.

Proud accomplishment: Three years ago, I started Hound Dogg Entertainment with my partner Steve, who is a Lake County firefighter. We named the company after our two hound dogs Snickers and Reese. Our company does everything—planning events, providing stage and lighting for concerts, and bringing in local and national musicians. Locally, our services have been utilized for street festivals, arts and crafts shows, and Christmas events. It’s a fun business that keeps my adrenaline flowing.

In five years: If I have anything to do with it, Lake County will become Little Nashville.

Desired tombstone inscription: “The party has moved to another location.”

Small town or big city: Small towns because you can walk to any street corner and see someone who knows your name.

Weakest link: I’m not a behind-the-scenes person. I hate paperwork because it is very boring. That is something I have to make myself do. I am much better at communicating and being around people.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, hence the names of my dogs. It’s my comfort food. I can make all types of excuses as to why you should eat chocolate. It does have cocoa and dairy!

Best advice: Never give up. When you live by this advice, it gives you the opportunity to move forward and create your own way in life.

Last book read: I don’t read books. Even if I tried, as soon as I closed the cover I would instantly forget what I just read.

Biggest inspiration: My later father, James. He always told me I could achieve whatever I put my mind to. He instilled that value in me at a young age.[divider_1px]


  • AGE: 51  HOMETOWN: Eustis
  • STAR-STUDDED LINEUP: Through her company, Hound Dogg Entertainment, Susan has attracted national musicians to Lake County such as John Anderson and Chris Cagle, as well as rising musicians like Michael Ray and Jason Michael Carroll.
  • INTERESTING FACT: Organized the Picks & Stix Music Jamboree, the first true concert in Lake County since 1984. The event was held at the Lake County Fairgrounds.
  • LOCAL TIES: A lifelong Lake County resident, Susan was born in Leesburg and graduated from Eustis High School in 1980.



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