February 1, 2020

Power couples

5 min read| Published On: February 1st, 2020|

By Akers Editorial

Power couples

5 min read| Published On: February 1st, 2020|

Three pairs of husbands and wives explain how they stay happy and keep their relationships strong.

No limits to love

Story: Chris Gerbasi Photo: Douglas Tyler

“Power couple” has added meaning to Rick and Teresa Copley as they power through a workout at No Limits Fitness, the gym they co-own with another couple. Rick and Teresa work together, play together and eat healthy together through another business venture, The Fit Life Meals.

The couple met—where else?—at a fitness class. Teresa, who was born in Tavares, attended a class taught by Rick at the city’s YMCA. When they married eight years ago, they also had to blend their families: Rick’s son and Teresa’s two sons. The children got along well with each other and also have followed the couple’s example by exercising, playing sports and leading active lives.

Rick and Teresa opened No Limits Fitness, 15841 Old U.S. Highway 441 in Tavares, five years ago. Teresa had no previous business experience but soon also started The Fit Life Meals, a meal preparation company.

“I love to cook. It’s always been a passion of mine,” she says.

“That’s why I married her,” Rick chimes in.

Teresa cooks healthy ready-to-eat meals at a professional kitchen in Orlando, and then the couple deliver the meals around Lake County and distribute them from their gym.

“We definitely are eating what we’re selling,” she says.

After she cooks, he does the dishes. That’s part of the complementary relationship they have in their work and at home. They also distribute all-natural supplements, and Rick says that running three businesses naturally intertwines with their lifestyle. They’re eating healthy and helping others eat healthy; working out and helping others work out.

“It’s hard work, but it’s fun,” Rick says. “We’re providing multiple services to multiple groups of people, all revolving around healthy living.”

The couple works so well together that they manage to avoid serious arguments at home as well, Teresa says.

“We kind of click and get along well, so I never really feel like what we’re doing is work. It’s more of a passion,” she says.

The Copleys’ marriage advice

Have the same mission and something of value that you do together.

“If you’re trying to go to a certain destination, there may be different ways to get there, but they’re still going to the same place,” Rick says. “Whatever it is you can do together to help other people, that’s something that can bind you long term.”

“Have a weekly date night. Never stop dating your spouse,” Teresa adds. “Always be open and tell the other person what you’re feeling. Don’t hide your feelings.”

Marriage and service

Story: James Combs Photo: Nicole Hamel

The two most recognizable people at LakeHaven Church in Eustis often pray together. 

Their faith bonds them, but so does another sacred devotion—marriage. 

Shannon Carroll serves as pastor of the church, while his wife, Karin, is administrator. Combining entrepreneurship and marriage is not always easy, but the Carrolls find a way to make it work. 

“Working together can be challenging, especially since we both have strong personalities,” Shannon says. “But we’re both busy and some days don’t even see each other.”

And when they arrive home each evening, they transition from work mode to family mode and spend time with their children, Danielle, 12, and Ethan, 10. 

“We have dinner together almost every night,” Shannon says. “For us, family time with the kids is very important.”

The couple met while doing missionary work in their native South Africa and maintained a long-distance relationship. He lived in Johannesburg, and she lived in Durban, nearly 350 miles away. 

Still, there was an undeniable spark. 

“Our love for God and mission work was our initial attraction,” Karin says. “We built our relationship over the phone, but distance did not keep us from falling in love.”

They married in 2001 and three years later, moved to the United States. That same year, Shannon was hired at LakeHaven Church, then called Family Bible Church, as the missions and media pastor. He became lead pastor three years ago. 

It’s a demanding job. He must meet the expectations of his congregation, make hospital visits and plan sermons. It’s the kind of work you’re married to, which is why being married to someone in the same field can help. 

“In Karin, I got the total package,” Shannon says. “She has such great character and has a genuine love for God.”

To strengthen their relationship, the Carrolls make annual trips to WinShape, a retreat in northern Georgia for married couples. 

“After the weekend, we feel like that our marriage is refreshed,” Karin says. “We use the 10-hour drive time to talk and reconnect.”

Getting through arguments

“We’ve had ugly arguments, but one partner cannot be the dominator and the other one a doormat,” Karin says. “Being honest and open and speaking your mind is healthy. Just learn how to do it in a respectful way.” 

A relationship with God

“We can love one another because God first loves us,” Shannon says. “When I receive unconditional love from God, then I’m able to give unconditional love.”

A perfect fit

Story: Theresa Campbell  Photo: Anthony Rao

Attorney Bob Bone, 56, and his licensed optician wife, Tiffany, 47, are in the best physical shape of their 15-year marriage, having gone from flab to fit thanks to daily workouts and a healthy eating regimen. 

“I have never felt stronger and been in better shape. I hope more women my age start their own fitness journey,” says Tiffany, who is most proud of her improved upper body strength since she began gym workouts in 2013, following her husband, who joined in 2012.

“When I started, I couldn’t do a pushup or pullup,” she adds.

Trainers initially taught Tiffany how to work key muscle groups together to strengthen her upper body and core. 

However, the Bones were faced with a dilemma when their favorite gym closed. They wanted to continue working out but needed a place that was close and open at convenient hours.

So, they created their own boutique gym, Bone Fit Studio, at 402 N. 14th St. in Leesburg, for themselves and others. They utilize the same cardio and strength-training equipment they had enjoyed at their former gym. In addition to their solo workouts, the Bones also work out together on weekends. They also incorporate healthy eating into their lives. 

“I have become more dedicated to my personal growth by learning more about nutrition and physical activity and how together they make our bodies work for us and not against us,” Tiffany says. 

“It’s never too late to have the best body you have always wanted,” Bob says in a 2019 Healthy Living interview. “Being consistent is the key.”  

Bone Fit talk with Tiffany

  • Bob has his own spin routine that’s really fun and gives you a good workout. 
  • I prefer strength training over cardio. I usually work out to a really good conference talk or my favorite music. I have learned to love the burn. I feel like I am accomplishing something. 
  • We always have fruits and veggies in the fridge. We also always have chicken and salmon for a protein. 
  • I would tell my younger self to love yourself, take care of yourself, get to know yourself now!
  • I would ask my future self, “Aren’t you glad you took care of yourself, loved yourself and know who you are?”

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