October 29, 2021

Quiz: What’s your Thanksgiving style?

2.1 min read| Published On: October 29th, 2021|

By Akers Editorial

Quiz: What’s your Thanksgiving style?

2.1 min read| Published On: October 29th, 2021|

Ahhh … Thanksgiving. We wake up and watch the famous Macy’s Day Parade. In the afternoon we indulge in a heaping helping of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Then we end up as stuffed as the turkey and accidentally doze off sometime during the NFL game. Some prefer spending a quiet, low-key day with the immediate family. Others see Thanksgiving as a holiday where nothing less than a large gathering of family and a hearty feast will suffice. Take this month’s quiz to discover your Thanksgiving style. 

Several weeks before Thanksgiving, you:

A. Realize this is a high-pressure meal and begin shopping. You also prepare an extensive guest list. 

B. Consider researching restaurants where you and your family can enjoy a nice, quaint dinner.

C. Stare at your child’s Halloween costume and ask, “We have another holiday coming up this quick?”

Your guest list consists of:

A. Anybody and everybody. The more the merrier.

B. Only the immediate family and perhaps a few friends.  In-laws and cousins can be conveniently excluded. 

C. What is a guest list? Family time is crazy time. 

Thanksgiving is about:

A. Having an opportunity to partake in a festive gathering of family and friends while giving thanks. 

B. Having the opportunity to enjoy tasty food and a few good laughs.  

C. Having the day off work. 

Your Thanksgiving attire is:

A. Formal — Men wear a jacket and tie; women wear a skirt or pretty dress. 

B. Casual — Jeans and a polo shirt

C. Unceremonious — Shorts and tank top or anything that can handle potential gravy stains.

Once the meal is over, you:

A. Begin planning for Christmas to make it an equally cheerful and exciting holiday. 

B. Thank your guests for coming and walk to the living room to see what’s playing on television. 

C. Belch and burp then take a much-needed nap.

If you answered mostly A,
you go all out for Thanksgiving as well as other holidays. You see Thanksgiving as a high-stakes event and thrive under pressure. Never lacking in imagination, you blend old traditions with new traditions while attempting to prepare each dish to perfection. Holidays such as Thanksgiving simply warm your heart with joy, and you realize it’s definitely the season to be jolly.

If you answered mostly B,
you enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving but can do without all the hoopla. A somewhat quiet evening with the immediate family will suffice—whether that means gathering around the dining room table or eating out at a local restaurant. You don’t have to dress up or celebrate with 75 people to make this a grand holiday. And without an abundance of people, there will be plenty of leftovers awaiting you tomorrow.  

If you answered mostly C,
you view Thanksgiving as another humdrum meal. To you, there’s a way to give thanks without planning a large feast and enduring the inevitable expenses and stress that accompany such planning. Somehow, the thought of breaking bread with loud-mouthed, opinionated relatives who cram into your small kitchen isn’t very enticing. Your outlook may prompt some to say, “Stuff it, you turkey.” 

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