October 1, 2019

Shane Miller – Mossy Oak Fence

2.4 min read| Published On: October 1st, 2019|

By Akers Editorial

Shane Miller – Mossy Oak Fence

2.4 min read| Published On: October 1st, 2019|
Shane Miller

Integrity, teamwork, excellence, and accountability. These core values are important to Shane Miller, and explains why his company, Mossy Oak Fence, has gained the trust and respect of their clients. When you deal with Mossy Oak Fence, you can always expect prompt and reliable service, as well as hard work and honesty. We asked Shane some questions about the fencing industry. 

Q: What separates Mossy Oak Fence from other fencing companies?

A: It’s the service that we provide. We don’t look at customers as just another job or just another name. We treat them as clients, and our definition of a client is someone who is under the care, guidance, and protection of a professional. We spend more time than the average company does on site, making sure we have the right product for the property and trying to achieve the outstanding results that client desires.

Q: How long does it take to install a fence?

A: It depends on the style of fence. If it’s a backyard residential fence that’s 300 square feet or less, then it’s a one-day installation. Mossy Oak Fence also installs larger commercial projects for companies like Disney, Publix, and Coca Cola that take much longer. The important thing to remember is that we take our time to complete each project large or small to the client’s exact specifications, says Shane.

Q: Does fencing require a permit?

A: Most projects do require a permit. If you’re in the limits of Lake County, then no permit is required unless the fence exceeds 6 feet in height. However, if you live within city limits, then it does require a permit. 

Q: Do you offer custom fencing?

A: We’re very big on custom fencing. We’re truly one of the few companies in Central Florida or maybe even Florida that truly is a custom manufacturer of fencing. We have a 110,000 square-foot facility located in Tavares with state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture, fabricate or weld virtually any design a client might have in mind. fabrication department that can fabricate wood, different vinyl styles, and aluminum and steel. There’s really nothing at this point we cannot do as it pertains to fences.

Q: How long have you owned the company?

A: I have owned it for 12 years. I was born and raised in Leesburg and graduated from Leesburg High School in 1987.

 Q: What makes you passionate about fencing?

A: I’ve been in the industry for about 30 years. I’ve just come to love what I do, and we’ve become professionals at it. We have a slogan here at our company: “Let the Mossy family protect your family.” In a small way, I feel like we’re in the security business. For residences and businesses alike, Mossy Oak Fence contains pets and children and keeps the bad guys out! We really enjoy providing security and peace of mind for our clients. 

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