April 5, 2024

South Sumter Wins Boys Regional Weightlifting Championships

7.2 min read| Published On: April 5th, 2024|

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South Sumter Wins Boys Regional Weightlifting Championships

7.2 min read| Published On: April 5th, 2024|

South Sumter High School took home 1st place in both the Traditional and Olympic Weightlifting classes for the third year in a row at the Regional Weightlifting Championships today at The Villages Charter High School.  The Villages would put in a good effort but ultimately would fall short in the team classification. South Sumter was 1st with 75 points in Traditional. The Villages 2nd with 40 points and Trinity Catholic finished 3rd with 22 points. In Olympic lifting it wasn’t even close with South Sumter taking the win with 89 points with The Villages in 2nd with 40 points.

(The Mark Morse Athletic Complex has been well received. Everyone I talked to loved it and was so impressed with the facility. This was the first Regional Championship held at this new complex and it could not have gone better.)

I want to thank The Villages for being such great hosts for the Regionals. Richard Pettus and the entire Villages staff did an amazing job and made us feel right at home. The brand new Mark Morse Athletic Complex is the perfect place for weightlifting. Four basketball sized courts gave people plenty of room to move around and wow people were impressed. I can’t say enough about The Villages. They truly go above and beyond to provide the best facilities. Kudos to the entire team for putting this together.


Traditional Weightlifting 
119 Class 
The 119 class would see South Sumter’s Blake Smith winning with 340 pounds of weight. He narrowly won against The Villages Cohen Smith who put up 330 pounds. Conner Shaw of The Villages finished 6th with 310 pounds as a notable finish.
129 Weight Class 
In this class Kristian Sarakinis of The Villages would win handily. He put up 500 pounds of weight. South Sumter’s Tucker Simmons finished 2nd with 390 pounds. Other notables included The Villages Preston Bingham putting up 390 pounds to finish 3rd.
139 Weight Class 
This class was dominated by South Sumter. Cody Zilcosky was in one of the tightest competitions we would see all day. He would beat fellow South Sumter Raider Felipe Alanis by just 5 pounds. Zilcosky put up 480 pounds while Alanis put up 475 pounds. The Villages Tanner Ostrom and Caleb School finished 3rd and 4th in the class.
154 Weight Class 
Will Higgins of International Community won this class with 510 pounds. Other notables in the class include Grayson Laufersky finishing 2nd. South Sumter’s John Hurt finished 6th.
169 Weight Class 
South Sumter’s Bobby Hill would take 1st place with 625 pounds while Jake Mendahl would finish 3rd for South Sumter with 500 pounds of weigh. Robbie Ridgeway of Father Lopez finished 2nd with 500 pounds and won a tiebreaker. Maverick Grimm would take 4th with 475 pounds.
183 Weight Class 
Simon Kritz finished 2nd for South Sumter with 545 pounds of weight behind Trinity Catholic’s Miguel Quintana who finished 1st with 570 pounds. Shoutout to Umatilla’s Carson Logan who finished 4th and South Sumter’s Colby Rinberger who finished 5th.
199 Weight Class 
Jamare Dorsey would win this class with 570 pounds of weight. He was followed closely by Mount Dora Christian Academy’s Connor Calfy who finished 2nd with 545 pounds. Landon Fudge for South Sumter finished 3rd with 535 pounds. Brandon Royals for The Villages would muster a 6th place finish.
219 Weight Class 

(Ty Kadur put in one of his best performances of the year. He will now get ready to try and win some State Championship Medals.)

Just when we didn’t think Ty Kadur could get more dominant he does. Kadur won with 645 pounds of weight. Kadur is having an amazing season and put up a big number. Marc Qi from Windermere Prep put in a respectable performance of 625 pounds but it wasn’t enough to keep up with Kadur. South Sumter’s Jason Braswell finished 3rd with 570 pounds of weight. The Villages Bryton Russ finished 4th with 545 pounds.
238 Weight Class 
In the 238 pound weight class it was Francisco Perez of Taylor in a great matchup with South Sumter’s Tristan Segrest. Perez would take 1st place with 655 pounds while Segrest finished 2nd with 640 pounds. Maleek Williams of The Villages finished 3rd with 615 pounds. Other notables include South Sumter’s Anthony Schoenaur finishing 7th with 535 pounds.
Unlimited Class 
In the Unlimited Class it was Ethan Dodsworth of Trinity Catholic finishing 1st with 645 Pounds. South Sumter’s James Campbell finished 2nd with 605 pounds. Luke Phillips of The Villages finished 3rd with 600 pounds. Hunter Stack of The Villages finishing 7th with 520 pounds.

Olympic Weightlifting 

119 Weight Class  
The 119 class saw South Sumter’s Blake Smith take the win. Smith narrowly won with 275 pounds with Alex Gomez from Taylor finishing a close 2nd with 265 pounds. Cohen Smith of The Villages finished 3rd with 260 pounds of weight.
129 Weight Class 
In the 129 pound weight class Kristian Sarakinis of The Villages was able to beat out Brody Smith from South Sumter by putting up 390 pounds of weight. Smith would muster 375 pounds. Tucker Simmons also had a great showing in this class for South Sumter and would finish 3rd with 320 pounds of weight.
139 Weight Class 
South Sumter dominated this class. Cody Zilcosky would end up in a very close battle with fellow weightlifter Jaime Solano of South Sumter. Zilcosky beat Solano by 5 pounds of weight putting up 410 pounds while Solano put up 405 pounds.
154 Weight Class 
The 154 pound class was not competitive. Will Higgins dominated and won by over 65 pounds. Higgins was from International Community from Winter Garden. He finished with 480 pounds. Notable finishers in this class were South Sumter John Hurt who finished 4th with 350 pounds and Austin Spradlin of South Sumter who finished 6th with 340 pounds.
169 Weight Class 

(Bobby Hill wound up winning the Olympic Class. He is a favorite to win the Olympic class at States.)

I was able to watch this class the most and let me tell you something about Bobby Hill, he is a monster of an athlete. He has thighs that don’t even look real but they are. Hill put up 545 pounds of weight and would easily win the class. Fellow South Sumter weightlifter Jake Mendahl finished 2nd with 445 pounds of weight while Robie Ridgeway of Father Lopez finished 3rd with 420 pounds.
183 Weight Class 
CJ hernandez of Academy At The Lakes would win this class by 100 pounds. He put up 545 pounds of weight. Simon Kirtz of South Sumter finished 2nd with 445 pounds. Other notables included South Sumter’s Colby Rinberger who finished 5th with 405 pounds and Wildwood’s Under Ryan who finished a respectable 6th with 395 pounds.
199 Pound Class 

(Jamare Dorsey from South Sumter gets a hug from coach Chris Gauntlett who was very happy with Dorsey’s performance. He would go on to win his class.)

This class was dominated by South Sumter’s Jamare Dorsey. It’s so great to see Jamare Dorsey healthy after he was injured during football season. Dorsey looked impressive and put up 505 pounds of weight to take the win. Landon Fudge finished 2nd for South Sumter with 480 pounds. Other notables included Mount Dora Christian Academy’s Connor Calfy finishing 3rd with 455 pounds of weight. The Villages Brandon Royals finished 6th with 385 pounds.

(Connor Calfy who represented Mount Dora Christian Academy put in a very gritty performance and finished in the top 3 in his weight class.)

219 Pound Class 
Ty Kadur who we have written about a lot lately won this group with 555 pounds. Kadur continues to have a massive year and will be a favorite at States. Meanwhile Jason Braswell put in a nice performance for South Sumter and finished 2nd with 495 pounds. The Villages Bryton Russ finished 3rd with 470 pounds. Other notable finishers included Andrew Mommaerts of The Villages who finished 5th.
238 Pound Class 
Tristian Segrest of South Sumter would go to battle with Villages weightlifter Maleek Williams. Both lifters were at the top of their game and it was one of the closest classes. Segrest would put up 530 pounds of weight but Williams put up 520 pounds. It will be interesting if Williams can make up 10 pounds at states. This will be a fun group to watch in the State Championships. Other notables included Anthony Schoenaur of South Sumter finishing 4th with 425 pounds.
Unlimited Class 

(The Villages Luke Phillips put in a very impressive performance in the Unlimited Classes.)

Luke Phillips of The Villages was never challenged. Phillips put up 500 pounds and easily won. Chris Tanis of Montverde Academy came in 2nd with 445 pounds while Hunter Stack of The Villages came in 3rd with 440 pounds. South Sumter’s James Campbell finished 4th with 440 pounds and Brady Mallory finished 6th for South Sumter with 380 pounds. Wildwood’s Tim Hall finished 7th with 375 pounds.
Congratulations to all the winners. South Sumter continues to prove why they are the team to beat. They take home both Traditional and Olympic Team Regional Championship medals and now all these athletes will prepare to get to the peak of the season with States on the horizon.

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