May 29, 2024

Tavares High Football Brings Back Classic Football Uniforms

4 min read| Published On: May 29th, 2024|

By Kyle Coppola

Tavares High Football Brings Back Classic Football Uniforms

4 min read| Published On: May 29th, 2024|

Tavares High School has been putting in the work on and off the field. From an exciting group of returning players to a new look, the excitement is through the roof this year at Tavares High.

Tavares has unveiled their uniforms for 2024 and WOW! They are stunning! From as far back as fans, alumni, and faculty can remember, they remember the classic Red and White jersey and pants with the classic white helmet with the T on it.

(Tavares is going classic in 2024 and this is a Huge Win for the program. These are classic with a hint of modern making these some of the best uniforms to hit the field in 2024.)

These colors and uniforms have been synonymous with Tavares High since the program first started playing football. In recent years, other uniform combinations and helmet combos have come and gone. But head coach Gavin Jones prides himself as an old school coach. He now has an old school feel of Tavares that has returned with these uniforms.

(This will be among the best uniform combos the team has. Red and White go well together and the white helmet and stripe along with classic uniform numbers make these absolutely A+ territory as far as design.)

This is a massive win for everyone! “No matter how we play, at least we will look good,” says Gavin Jones in a recent interview. “We have a good group of returning players and we are excited to go through summer and see what we have come August,” says Jones.

We recently did a photoshoot with running back Tyler Davis who said “These just make me feel like the program is back. I am honored to wear these. I think of all the players who wore these classics back in the day and I can’t wait to get out on the field. I’m pumped up for the season,” said Davis.

(The two options on the far right are incredible and harken back to the 90s and 2000s. The new all-white look is still classic with a modern flair to it. I personally love this look. The two uniforms on the far left are unique as well and should provide a nice alternative look at times this season.)

The uniforms are incredible. Let’s start with my two favorites. You can’t go wrong with two tones on the uniform and pants. The Red Uniform with the white pants compliments the white helmet. This will be among the best-looking uniform in Central Florida when they take to the field in August hands down.

I also really like the white uniform and the red pants. But the thing I really love is the classic gloss helmet with the Red T on it. I also love the red stripe down the center of the helmet which harkens back to the great teams of the 1990s. Tavares is bringing back TV numbes on the top of the shoulder pads as well which is always a huge design plus. Many teams decide not to do that with modern uniforms but I truly think numbers on the shoulder pads are a fantastic look and I am so glad they did that.

(A modern take on a classic uniform. The new all-white uniform combo take the best of the past and merge it with current day. I love this clean yet classic look. Some white, black or red sock options would be nice alternative to add to these already amazing sets.)

The big block numbers are an announcer’s dream come true. No scout will miss seeing any kid on the field with these numbers. Unlike teams with white-on-white numbers or hard-to-see numbers, Tavares goes classic and their uniforms instantly become a favorite.

The ice uniforms with White on White are equally as sharp. I love this look and I think it’s a mono-color uniform that is done the right way. The shoulder striping works well and there is just enough Red on the uniforms to make these really pop under the stadium lights.

(These were the uniforms Tavares had been wearing. These were certainly modern but strayed from tradition. These got one final usage in the spring football game. The new classic looking uniforms are a massive upgrade from these.)

(The New Designs have been well received by players, coaches, families and alumni. We for one are glad to see Tavares High back with these beautiful sets.)

Now the two alternate uniforms that I think are bold choices are the mono Red uniform and the white with black pants. Both have their pros and cons but I ultimately like them both. The red uniform with red pants is a copy of the white uniforms but reverse colors. They should really pop under stadium lighting.

Finally, we have the White and Black combo. This combo could be a sleeper. It’s the most modern of the uniform designs. While I love an occasional blackout uniform, the white and black go together ok. Certainly not like the classic look but I can get on board with what they are trying to do. I like how the T is on the right side of the pants making the combo feel different than the others.

Overall I grade these uniforms as a Solid A. The only thing that would make these remotely better is if they had some pant striping, but the unique T on the pants is really cool and I like it. It’s something different that other teams are not doing and it makes them stand out.

Overall, these will be among the top uniform sets when they hit the field in August. Fans are in for a real treat this year for home and away games!

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