April 27, 2023

The Villages Chick-Fil-A Renovations Moving Smoothly

2 min read| Published On: April 27th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

The Villages Chick-Fil-A Renovations Moving Smoothly

2 min read| Published On: April 27th, 2023|

The Villages Chick-Fil-A construction is moving along smoothly. The building has been completely gutted, the parking lot has been ripped up and the facility is now in the process of rebuilding. The actual main portion of the building appears to have been saved. The structure was not torn down but expanded on the interior with the demolition of the Children’s play area to make room for more seating in that area of the establishment.

(The interior has been completely gutted. The image you see is facing the old main entrance and the ordering counter.)

The parking lot looks to be coming along nicely. The blacktop has been completely ripped up, the interior continues to be modified to be brought up to modern standards. Construction crews have been working quickly to get the business back open as quickly as possible.

(Construction continues on the drive through area and parking lot to bring them up to modern standards.)

This particular establishment is one of the busiest fast food places in The Villages. Lines were always an issue but the new modern facility should alleviate many of those concerns. The construction has not impacted Outback Steakhouse as much as previously thought. The parking lot has not been impacted and business has not either. Outback has been very busy as of late.

(Sadly the children’s play area has been completely removed. This was the view facing the children’s play structure but the area will be expanded to encompass more seating.)

The construction work will now begin to renovate the plumbing, wiring, interior design work and the re-shaping of the parking and drive through will also commence in the near future. We have been told there will be two lanes dedicated to the drive through which should move things along much quicker. The construction is moving rapidly. They appear to be ahead of schedule as the crews did not have to demolish the frame of the structure.

(The kitchen area has been gutted. The new building will have modern equipment, updated plumbing, electric and a more efficient layout for the chefs and kitchen staff.)

The new renovated building does not yet have an opening date but the process will take 8-12 weeks to complete. We estimate sometime in late June or July would be the grand re-opening ceremony but dates and times will be subject to change. This is due to the fact of construction materials and delays due to the ongoing shortage of materials. All seems to be going well though! Keep checking back for more updates.

(The new location will be the top of the line in terms of restaurant quality and customer experience. The streamlined process will help alleviate the foot traffic and car traffic the establishment receives.)

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