September 29, 2023

Top 5 Quartebacks in Lake & Sumter County

5.2 min read| Published On: September 29th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Top 5 Quartebacks in Lake & Sumter County

5.2 min read| Published On: September 29th, 2023|

#1 Solomon Georges (JR) Leesburg High School 

Solomon Georges is by far one of the best quarterbacks that Leesburg has had in some time. Georges already has over 1,000 yards on the season. In just 4 games he has thrown and ran for 1,200+ yards. He has 18 total touchdowns and is without a doubt the leader of the offense for Leesburg High.

Georges has a QB Rating of 152.8. He has not thrown an interception this year and he averages 18 yards per pass. He also is averaging 4 yards per rush. Georges likes to stand in the pocket. His offensive lineman have helped him a ton this year. They have provided plenty of time for Georges to find open receivers down field including Evan James and Demetrice Mccray.

In Lake & Sumter County, we don’t always typically see quarterbacks in our area balling out like this kid. He makes it look easy and sometimes looks like he is playing backyard football out there. Georges just has this natural ability to see the field and find open wide outs. It’s the reason he is our undisputed #1 football player in Lake & Sumter County right now.

#2 Troy Saladin (SR) Eustis High School

Coming in at #3 is Troy Saladin. I don’t think many can argue that Solomon Georges is the best quarterback in our area, but Saladin has had a nice start to the year. Saladin has helped Eustis to 1,100 yards of total offense in 5 games. He has thrown the ball 127 times and completed 63 of those. He has 13 touchdowns on the year. 12 touchdowns were thrown through the air and one of them is a rushing score.

Saladin averages around 14 yards per throw. Now he does have 6 interceptions on the year, but he has had to throw the ball a ton. Eustis has two great wide outs with Lashawn Williams and Damarian Hagins. Both of those players have 3 touchdowns this season. Saladin has been getting help downfield, but the offensive line has had some challenging matchups this season against some really good opponents so far.

How good can Saladin be? Eustis enters district play against The Villages on September 29th at has two more district games on October 12th against Umatilla before finishing district play against Mount Dora High on October 27th. That game against Mount Dora could decide the district championship. The only reason we put Saladin at the #3 spot is due to the strength of schedule. Lake Minneola has played some tough opponents this season.

#3 Jackson Hughes (SR) Lake Minneola High

Hughes had big shoes to replace when he became the starter this year for Lake Minneola. Hughes replaced Quinn Niemann who we wrote about extensively last season. Niemann threw for 2097 yards and had 23 touchdowns. Very impressive numbers. Hughes got some playing time last year and this summer he looked really good on film.

This year has Lake Minneola has played some fierce competition to begin the year. He and Saladin are neck and neck as far as their play is concerned. They are about even as far as completions and attempts. Hughes has thrown the ball more and he has averaged 12 yards per throw. He has 900+ yards through the air and 7 touchdowns.

What Hughes and Saladin both have in common is that they have thrown 4 interceptions each. Both schools have been down in games this year which has unfortunately led to the team having to throw the ball more. That increases a chance for picks of course. Hughes has been pretty good though. It is still very early this season. We wanted to see how he performed in the East Ridge game but that got cancelled due to weather. We will have to wait until October to see those two teams face one another.

#4 Will Ammons (SR) South Sumter High School

Will Ammons has had a quiet but very successful start to the 2023 football season. While South Sumter uses a run heavy offense, Ammons has done an admirable job when he is called upon. Ammons has thrown for 497 yards attempting 44 passes and completing 26 of them.

One thing Ammons has done well this year is protect the football. He does have 2 interceptions, but he has not had to air it out as much this year due to the play of Malakhi Boone, Tyrese Keiler, and Jamare Dorsey who have dominated as a running back by committee approach. These three backs have 15 of the teams touchdowns this season.

Keiler has at times lined up in wildcat formations as well and played QB. Head coach Ty Lawrence always keeps defenses on their toes. The offense this season may be unconventional at the QB position at times, but Ammons will be fun to watch as the season progresses.

#5 Cole Rylski (SR) East Ridge High 

This guy is absolutely one of the best quarterbacks in Lake & Sumter County. Rylski has only played in 3 games but he already has 403 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. He has attempted 40 passes and completed 23 of them. He is averaging 17.5 yards per throw nad has a QB rating of 117. He also takes care of the football and has not allowed an interception so far this year. The competition will get tougher as the year moves on especially next week when East Ridge has to take on a tough Lake Minneola High team which should tell us a lot obout where the East Ridge program is.

Honorable Mentions

Kevonte Corbin (SO) Wildwood High School

This was a tough decision as it is still early in the season. We have Jake Sepe who has played a decent season for Mount Dora High, Cole Rylski for East Ridge, and Cason Cherry for First-Academy Leesburg who has also had a tremendous start to the season. However Corbin takes spot number 5 due to his effectiveness in the pocket this year.

Wildwood has run the football a lot more than it has passed this season, but Corbin has thrown 5 touchdowns and has averaged about 10 yards per pass attempt. Corbin has completed 15 passes for about 164 yards but that has resulted in good results especially in the red zone.

Corbin is just a sophomore. He has plenty of room to grow. He has thrown two interceptions but honestly, he is one of the better young quarterbacks in Lake & Sumter County. Wildwood lost a ton of firepower last year offensively, however they are making do with what they have. They are a young bunch, but Corbin has shown signs what he is capable of. He will be interesting to watch the next few years.

Cason Cherry (JR) First Academy-Leesburg

Cason Cherry has thrown for over 350 yards of offense. He also has 162 yards rushing totalling over 500 yards this season. Cherry is a leader on and off the field. While First Academy-Leesburg plays in a lower division, Cherry is a huge part of the success that the Eagles have had. He has 4 touchdowns on the year which leads the team. It is no question that FA-Leesburg has struggled to win games this year and sit 1-3 on the season but Cherry has certainly been a bright spot for the team.

Jake Sepe (JR) Mount Dora High School

Jake Sepe has 4 touchdowns this season and has 211 yards passing. He has struggled to get time in the pocket due to a young offensive line. However he has done the best he can and has completed 19 of 30 passes this year. His accuracy is there, but the time he has to throw the ball is not currently up to where it needs to be for him to be effective. If Sepe is allowed that time, he instantly climbs our list. Hopefully coach Hutchinson and Mount Dora High can provide that for Sepe and his stock will rise the rest of the season.

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