January 3, 2023

Trevor Boesse-Dupuis, 26

0.9 min read| Published On: January 3rd, 2023|

By Akers Editorial

Trevor Boesse-Dupuis, 26

0.9 min read| Published On: January 3rd, 2023|

Trevor Boesse-Dupuis, 26

Company/Job title: Trevor & Son Lawn Care, owner

Job responsibilities: Maintaining commercial and residential lawns and landscape.

How I got started in my career: It has always been my dream to start a lawn care business, and after the birth of my son it finally pushed me to achieve my goal for a better future for him and our family.

My greatest professional achievement: Being able to reach over 75 clients in such a short period of time and being able to hire my first full-time employee.

Advice for the younger generation: If you have a dream, then you should go for it as soon as you can. Owning your own business is very hard, but you quickly realize that making other people happy is very satisfying.

In my spare time: I spend time with my fiancée and our son. It’s the most special thing to do when I’m not working — makes me very proud.

My life after 40: After 40, I see myself still owning my lawn care business. I see hiring a few crews, that way I can spend more time with my family. My future is going to be very bright where my family will be in a good place. My son will have a good life, and hopefully he will want to work right next to his dad.

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