November 7, 2023

Twin Brothers Lead MDCA To Conference Championship Game in Lakeland

2.7 min read| Published On: November 7th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Twin Brothers Lead MDCA To Conference Championship Game in Lakeland

2.7 min read| Published On: November 7th, 2023|

MDCA twin brothers have led MDCA to the SSAA Class 5 State Championship Game in Lakeland! The brothers are not just twins but part of a set of triplets. Their sister, Gracelyn, a skilled swimmer at Umatilla High School, is equally athletic and is also a member of the AICE club at her school. Meanwhile, the brothers, both juniors at MDCA, have been instrumental in their team’s success this season despite overcoming significant injuries.

Nathan and Seth Roach have faced considerable challenges throughout the season. Nathan broke his wrist on his throwing arm, while Seth suffered a broken collarbone. Their mother, Tiffany Roach, shared the adversity they had to overcome. Remarkably, the brothers encouraged each other to mend quickly and remained steadfast in their commitment to the team.

(Quarterback #2 Nathan Roach was all smiles as he led MDCA to a State Championship game.)

In a thrilling State Semi-Final matchup against Bishop Snyder this past Friday night, the Roach brothers delivered the best performance of their careers to date. Nathan orchestrated MDCA’s offense, throwing two touchdowns to Taylor Cline, who also had an outstanding night, contributing three touchdowns to the team’s victory. Meanwhile, Seth Roach would shine on the defensive side with two crucial interceptions.

(MDCA brothers Nate and Seth Roach at the beginning of the season. Can you tell one another apart?)

The Roach twins’ remarkable chemistry dates back to their early years playing sports in elementary school. Seth expressed their unique bond, “As twins, there’s this dynamic that Nate and I have where we as players are always viewed as a single unit. If he has a good game and I have a bad game, it looks bad on both of us. We feel an awareness that if one of us slacks in practice, we both can gain a reputation for slacking. So we don’t. We trust each other to do the work and make the plays to win the game.”

Their father, James Roach, a former Navy swimmer and current Southwest Airlines pilot, has been an exceptional role model for the twins. Their mother, Tiffany, has been an unwavering supporter, often heard cheering from the grandstands alongside the massive crowd that turned out in support.

(Nathan Roach gets plenty of support from this monster. Owen Draves leads the offensive line. The Army commit is scary to go up against. But he has a huge heart off the field and wants nothing more than to go out as a champion!)

Now, the Roach brothers and their MDCA team are gearing up for the most significant game of their careers, the Sunshine State Athletic Association Class 5A Conference Championship Game. Taking place at Southeastern University in Lakeland, it promises to be an unforgettable battle against Saint Stephens on Friday night. What was initially a challenging season has transformed into a Cinderella story, offering MDCA the opportunity to clinch a conference championship, a dream few athletes ever realize.

(Xavier Dalton was excited as he played in his final ever home game at MDCA that ended in a 35-0 win against Bishop Snyder. The 6″4 senior plays defensive end and tight end for MDCA and hopes to go out as a State Champion.)

Despite their season-threatening injuries, the Roach twins, along with their talented teammates and the leadership of senior Navy commit Owen Draves, have come a long way, with Taylor Cline’s outstanding performances and the efforts of Connor Calfy, Seth Roach, and Xavier Dalton solidifying their chances of bringing home the conference championship.

(Oh how far they have come. Nate and Seth Roach stand with each other at a football camp earlier this season. Now both will be playing in a conference championship Game. What an amazing junior year for these two.)

As the MDCA Bulldogs prepare for this monumental showdown, we extend our best wishes to Nate and Seth Roach, their teammates, coaches, and families. Go Bulldogs!

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