July 21, 2023

Twins Unite! Unique Friendship Leads to Success on Football Field!

5.9 min read| Published On: July 21st, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Twins Unite! Unique Friendship Leads to Success on Football Field!

5.9 min read| Published On: July 21st, 2023|

It’s one thing to be twins, it’s another to be twins that play football together. But it’s a whole different situation to have twins that are friends with other twins that play on two seperate football teams. In one of the more unique situations we have ever seen in Lake County, The Sepe Family and Roach Family have more in common than many realize.

Blake Sepe & Jake Sepe are identical twin brothers who play on the Mount Dora High Football team. Nathan & Seth Roach are identical twins who play on Mount Dora Christian Academy’s football team. The thing about identical twins is that they are extremely close. In some ways the bond they share is stronger than anything we could ever personally experience.

Nathan & Seth Roach are Actually Triplets!

The thing about Nathan & Seth that is slightly different than Blake and Jake is that Nathan & Seth just so happen to be triplets! That’s right, their mother Tiffany Roach gave birth to two boys and one girl. Nathan & Seth’s sister’s name is Gracelyn. She is also an athlete and competes in swimming at Umatilla High School. The Roach family has an incredible history! So much so that we can’t even fit into an entire article. It may take several articles to explain it all. But one thing is for certain, the Sepe twins & Roach twins are closer than many realize.

(Nate & Seth Roach play for Mount Dora Christian Academy. Nate is a quarterback and Seth is a wide receiver.)

The two sets of twins began playing basketball in Lake County at the age of 9 together. Since then they have developed a relationship with each other that transcends sports. The boys have learned to push themselves as athletes. The Sepe and Roach twins have worked hard to get where they are. Jake Sepe is the lead candidate for Quarterback for Mount Dora High, and Nathan will be one of the lead candidates for quarterback of MDCA.

(Jake #11 left and Blake #1 Right. The two form the number 111 when combined. #111 is a sign of new opportunities and beginnings, something the Sepe twins embark on everyday. They love a good challenge.)

One member of each twin set, plays the same position. Jake Sepe plays quarterback and so does Nate Roach. Blake Sepe plays tight end Seth plays wide receiver! Both Blake and Seth are very good at their respective positions. Both Seth and Blake push one another to be the best that they can be on and off the football field and it shows.

Mutual Respect Between Twins

The fact that both Nate and Jake have identical twin brothers mean they have something close in common. We asked Nate what it’s been like to work with Jake these past few years and remain friends off the football field. Nate says “Jake Sepe has an amazing work ethic and as a quarterback he has an ability to be mobile if needed while under pressure. I give both Blake and Jake credit for the way they push each other and hype each other up. Seth and I get that. When you push your brother, your blood, you’re pushing yourself.”

(Jake Sepe has worked extremely hard the last year and has earned the right as the Mount Dora High starting quarterback for the 2023 season.)

Seth Roach says “As twins, there’s this dynamic where we as players are always viewed as a single unit. If he has a good game and I have a bad game, it looks bad on both of us. We feel an awareness that if one of us slacks in practice, we both can gain a reputation for slacking. So we don’t. We trust each other to do the work and make the plays and win the game.”

(Seth and Nate at a football camp at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina in June of 2023. Seth was the #1 ranked player at the camp while Nate was the #2 quarterback.)

The twins also told us about intuition. Seth Roach says “People ask about twin intuition. I don’t know. I think it’s the work we put in together every day that makes the difference. I am the first receiver Nate ever threw to and he was my first quarterback I ever caught passes from. We are out there every day doing the work.”

The Roach twins have some great role models. Their father James Roach served in the Navy and was a swimmer at Navy. James is now a pilot for Southwest Airlines. The twins mother Tiffany has been an incredibly strong supporter of her five children.

Of Tiffany Roaches 5 children, the three triplets Nathan, Seth and Gracelyn are going into their Junior year. Sophomore Mikah Roach is in 10th grade at Umatilla and is a swimmer like her sister Gracelyn and also on the cheer team at Umatilla High. The Roach family also has their youngest, Jude who is 8 years old. Nate and Seth actually coached their little brother Jude’s Upward Football Team earlier this year. Nate and Seth love mentoring young kids, giving back the game they love to future rising stars in the community.

(Blake Sepe has such a connection to brother Jake on the field because the two grew up playing in the yard together. Now the two brothers get to showcase their skills during Friday Night Lights. A dream come true.)

We asked Jake Sepe what he thinks of Nathan Roach and he said “I love Nate’s attention to detail and his attitude towards the game. You can tell he cares and loves football with how much he trains. Just like Blake and I, it’s such a help having a built in teammate at home. Nothing is more motivating than your brother pushing you to be your best.”

Blake Sepe says of Seth “I love how Seth is always willing to go at it and give everything he’s got going on off the field. I respect the grind and dedication that Seth and Nate have to improve their game. I can tell they push each other to their highest potential every time they get to work.”

(If one twin was not wearing a hat could you tell them apart? Amazing! Nate Roach is wearing the hat on the right while Seth is on the left. Photo taken during a 7X7 tournament.)

Blake and Jake’s mother, Jessi Sepe says of her sons “They are hard workers on and off the field. Both are dual enrolling at LSSC and are about halfway through their associates degree. Blake & Jake both have a weighted GPA of 4.6. Both brothers believe that education and athletics go hand-in-hand and pray for the opportunity to play football at the next level in college while furthering their education.” Paul Sepe, the father of Jake and Blake has also been extremely instrumental with their success. Paul is a good father and both he and Jessi have always made sure their boys have been set up for success.

Families Collide on Friday, August 25th at Mount Dora High School!

The Sepe and Roach families will play against one another Friday, August 25th when MDCA travels to play at Mount Dora High. In what will be a fun matchup to watch for a variety of reasons, you will have one set of twins from both families as starting quarterbacks for both teams most likely. With the other set of twins on the field as well at the tight end position. Could you imagine both teams putting both sets of twins out there on offense and defense for a play to give them that memory? Would make for a cool moment.

(The Roach twins on the left who play for MDCA and the Sepe twins on the right who play for Mount Dora High.)

When both sets of twins face off in late August it will be a sight to see. This is very uncommon and we are so excited to see them. We actually get 2 years of this because both sets of twins are just in their Junior years. It will be fun to watch them develop as young men.

Nate & Seth are involved in the National Honors Society, they challenge one another to be the best they can be. Both Nate & Seth are certified lifeguards. They work lifeguard duties during the summer time. The Sepe twins and Roach twins are dedicated to their teams and are getting ready for what should be an exciting season of Friday Night Lights! We can’t wait for it! Best of luck this upcoming season!

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