May 23, 2023

Villages Charter High School Senior Daisy Jones Mustang Trainer

3.6 min read| Published On: May 23rd, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Villages Charter High School Senior Daisy Jones Mustang Trainer

3.6 min read| Published On: May 23rd, 2023|

Daisy Jones is not your typical High School Senior. When she is not in school, Daisy is one of a handful of individuals in the area to train Mustang horses. Many people get the wrong idea that Mustang horses are a handful to train and ride. Daisy is here to expel that myth and wants people to know that these horses can be some of the best in the industry.

Jones grew up in Lady Lake, Florida and has been riding horses almost her entire life. She learned at a young age to ride in an English saddle but eventually transitioned to a Western saddle. Those who don’t know horsing should understand that an English saddle is much smaller in size and lighter in weight, which allows the rider to get close to their horse and feel its every movement. A Western saddle is larger and heavier, which provides more comfort and stability for long hours over rough terrain.

(Daisy recently graduated from The Villages Charter School and plans on working in the equestrian industry.)

The reason this is important is because Daisy takes part in what is known as Barrel Racing. This type of racing requires saddles that can take the brunt of an abrupt turn. These horses dig into the ground in order to make the tight turns that Barrel Racing provides. Barrel racing was founded in Texas by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and founded in 1948. Since then the sport has taken off and is widely regarded as one of the most exciting sports in the Equestrian world.

Daisy began her career riding a horse named Kit-Kat. She was able to train her horse to be one of the best Barrel Racers in Lake & Sumter County. She had other horses as well including a horse named Honeybee but Kit-Kat has been her favorite ever since she was a little girl. As time has gone on Daisy has taken part in what are called Extreme Mustang Makeover Programs that are 100 day programs to train Mustangs. This is something that Daisy is very passionate about. She has taken many horses and completely turned them around. It’s a very impressive feat that requires the utmost patients.

(Here Daisy shows one of the horses she was able to turn around in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Program.)

Daisy Jones has big plans for the future

As Daisy comes up on graduation in a few short weeks, She has big plans for the future. Daisy wants to become a full time Farrier. (A farrier is a craftsman or in this case a craftswoman who trims and puts shoes on horses hooves.) This is an extremely important job and I can tell you from experience that there are an incredible amount of people in Central Florida who need Farriers so it’s a good business to go into.

Daisy also wants to continue being a trainer for Mustangs as well. She has no intention of stopping. She wants to get internships with multiple trainers to learn more. Once she is done with Farrier school, Daisy intends on doing online courses for Equine Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. Her goal is to become one of the most well versed trainers in the area. She especially wants to become one of the best Mustang trainers in the USA one day.

(Daisy has a love of Mustangs and is one of the few trainers in the area of this particular type of breed.)

One of Daisy’s role models is her mother Kristy Lennon. Her mother has always supported her through thick and thin, When Daisy was just 13 years of age she was afraid to show her horse at an Extreme Mustang Makeover Session. But Kristy supported Daisy and told her to believe in herself. She knew that her daughter could do it. Daisy eventually found her confidence and was able to go out and compete. Daisy’s confidence and experience began to rise and now she doesn’t have any fear at all competing in the arena. In fact she relishes it when given the opportunity.

Daisy is grateful for her horses. She is especially grateful for a horse named Star. The family recently lost their horse Lakota in a terrible lightning storm. Daisy competed with that horse in a variety of competitions and the loss hit her hard. Fortunately her horse Star was there for her. She began to compete on Star and she credits the horse with helping her sadness and lifting her up from the loss of Lakota.

(Daisy competes in the equestrian sport of barrel racing.)

We are very happy for Daisy and her success in the equestrian world. As she prepares for graduation she has an excellent plan in place. She will be amongst the last class to ever graduate at The Original Villages High School. The brand new school is slated to open next year and the current school is to become The Villages North Junior High School. Meanwhile, Daisy is ready to continue her academic and athletic career in the equestrian industry. We have no doubt she will be successful! Best of luck and lets all congratulate Daisy on her graduation from The Villages Charter School!

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