September 30, 2021

Quiz: What’s Your Halloween Style?

2.5 min read| Published On: September 30th, 2021|

By Akers Editorial

Quiz: What’s Your Halloween Style?

2.5 min read| Published On: September 30th, 2021|

Ghouls, goblins and ghosts, oh my! With the spookiest day of the year just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to find out exactly how much Halloween spirit you have. Are you excited about giving out candy to pint-sized vampires and princesses, or are you a Scrooge who wishes this holiday didn’t exist? Halloween can be either superbly spook-tacular or hauntingly horrible, depending on your outlook. 

In days leading up to Halloween, you:

A. Begin decorating your yard with tombstones, skull lights, glowing spider webs and other props.

B. Realize it’s time to make a trip to the candy store so you can pass out goodies to the neighborhood kids. 

C. Don’t put much thought into it. After all, your porch light and house lights will be turned off, a friendly way of saying don’t-come-a-knocking.

You get into the Halloween spirit by:

A. Attending several Halloween parties as well as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando.

B. Watching old horror movies of notorious slashers like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers.

C. Convincing yourself that your hard-earned money should be spent things other than candy, which gives kids a sugar high and contributes to poor hygiene.

A group of children knock on your door. You and your wife greet them:

A. Dressed in your best Jack Sparrow and Elvira costumes.

B. By complimenting the children on their adorable costumes.

C. By asking them why they’re knocking on your door when the porch light is off.

You carve your pumpkin by:

A. Including paint and glitter to make yours stand apart from standard pumpkins.

B. Incorporating a simple-yet-scary face that may make the neighborhood kids jump.

C. Pumpkin? What pumpkin? They’re too messy and a waste of time. Plus, your mother-in-law’s pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving tasted awful. 

A child accidentally leaves his/her full candy bag on your lawn. You:

A. Visit each home in your neighborhood and work tirelessly to solve the mystery, as the thought of a child not enjoying candy troubles you immensely.

B. Tell your child he can have the candy if the owner isn’t found.

C. Greedily eat all the goodies yourself while celebrating the end of this
dreaded holiday.


If you answered mostly A,
you are a Halloween-o-holic! This holiday brings out the kid in you. You have no shame in admitting that, evidenced by your awesomely decorated yard and Superhero costume you proudly don when greeting trick-or-treaters. Not to mention those 12 mini-peanut butter cups and three bags of candy corn you consume every year. You’re living proof that things you enjoyed as a child can still be enjoyed as an adult. 

If you answered mostly B,
you are a casual fan of Halloween. You’re not going to exhaust yourself by putting up decorations or searching for the ultimate costume, but you still enjoy seeing a smile on children’s faces as you pass out those goodies. Plus, being an active participant in Halloween is a great way to meet new neighbors or reacquaint with old friends. And those leftover Butterfingers will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth for quite some time, saving you a trip to the grocery store. 

If you answered mostly C,
you are the Halloween version of Scrooge. And in a child’s eyes, your indifference and hostility to this holiday makes you scarier than the witches and vampires that invade the streets on this night. In your mind, Halloween comes with an age limit—the fictitious ghouls and candy is all child’s play. You’re simply not going to drain your energy and pocketbook on such a silly holiday. Let’s just hope in two months you can lose the ‘tude and embrace the Christmas spirit. 

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