December 31, 2023

40 Under 40: Carrigan Hinote, 28

1.1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

By Akers Editorial

40 Under 40: Carrigan Hinote, 28

1.1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

Carrigan Hinote, 28

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Cowgirl at Hinote Beef Company in Groveland

What I do: I feed our steers twice a day and make sure their space is clean and comfortable. I also check on our mama cows, babies and bulls, working closely with the vet.

My inspiration: My dad is a cattleman, so I’ve been around cattle my whole life. I started my own company in 2021 and have really found a passion for it.

Why beef is my passion: It’s so hard to find the source of where your food comes from these days. With Hinote beef, you know exactly where your food is coming from. We take pride in raising fresh, locally raised beef. 

Proudest moment: My biggest accomplishment thus far has been working alongside my dad in raising cattle and continuously building a legacy that I can pass on to my children. 

Words of wisdom: Work hard! If you have a dream, chase it! Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you you’re crazy, because they will. It will not always be easy, but if you work hard, it will be worth it. Always ask questions, take advice and stay humble.

Outside the ranch: I spend most of my days outside sitting on my front porch with a cup of coffee in hand, watching my kids run wild in our front yard. I also love riding our ranch and looking at our cows, or spending time in my chicken coop.

Life after 40: I hope to see our industry grow because Florida is home to one of the largest cow calf operations in the United States. I’m proud of that.

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