December 31, 2023

40 Under 40: Derek Smith, 29

1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

By Akers Editorial

40 Under 40: Derek Smith, 29

1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2023|

Derek Smith, 29

Occupation: Owner of Axe-A-Dent Auto Body, Wildwood

What I do: As owner of Axe-A-Dent, I do the scheduling and customer service outreach as well as do the paintless dent work myself. I also help my team with anything they need to succeed.

My inspiration: My dad has been an automotive painter for as long as I can remember and when I was around 14, I worked summers at body shops with him. After I got out of the military in 2019, I started Axe-A-Dent.

Why cars are my passion: I’ve had a love for vehicles since I was a kid. Most people’s vehicles are their second largest investment after a home, and I love making sure people keep their investment in a condition they are happy with.

Notable achievement: When we finally got our own shop, rather than being mobile. 

Words of wisdom: Work hard, set goals and get advice. If you aren’t working, your competitors are. I set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and 3-to-5-year goals. It helps tremendously when you have a vision. Lastly, always take advice. You’re not always right and shouldn’t be. 

Outside the shop: I love watching sports, especially the Red Sox, Gators and Bucs. I also love spending time outdoors and being around my friends and family.

Life after 40: I see myself always striving for more within the automotive business and growing this company into something bigger so I can reach a larger audience. 

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