March 1, 2024

Ask The Expert: Custom Home Upgrades

1.5 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2024|

By AkersMedia

Ask The Expert: Custom Home Upgrades

1.5 min read| Published On: March 1st, 2024|

Philip Mastrosimone III

Owner of Mastropiece


What are some good traits of a company that does custom home upgrades? 

They will be referred by someone who has previously purchased their services. They will show up promptly and reply professionally. Questions will be asked that the homeowner didn’t think of or foresee because of expertise in their skill. Estimates and contracts will be written up to communicate what will be done and expected for the homeowners. Communication will be just as important, along with a quality finished product. 

What does custom mean when it comes toupgrading your home? 

There are different species of lumber, grades of plywood and an arrangement of hardware that make the difference. The choice of brands and products for paints and sealants enhances the final finish, making it smoother and more durable. Specific measurements are not limited and designs are suited to fit personal wants and needs. Imagination can thrive for a truly creative and unique result rather than settling for something standard.  

What was the inspiration behind starting your Custom Upgrade business? 

It all started with the idea of creating furniture with hidden gun compartments. Once I realized how hard it was to market such a specialized product, we began providing trim work services. As time went on, we started doing everything that touched our trim work from painting, flooring, cabinetry and entertainment centers to now being a one-stop shop. If there is something we don’t do, however, we have access to trusted people who can get it done.

Is it more important to choose a company that subcontracts work out, or has employees that do the work? 

I believe the best way to maintain quality control is to do everything within the company. That way, you know exactly who is showing up to your home and you are dealing with the same company responsible for both communication and liability. I’ve also found that our workers get a deeper level of respect from homeowners, which makes for a better overall work environment and employees are covered by workman’s comp, which creates a safer liability if something were to happen.  

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