January 30, 2024

CSL Construction is a One-Stop Shop for Home Improvement and Restoration

1.6 min read| Published On: January 30th, 2024|

By AkersArt

CSL Construction is a One-Stop Shop for Home Improvement and Restoration

1.6 min read| Published On: January 30th, 2024|

CSL Construction is a one-stop shop for home improvement and restoration

In 2010, Corey Lance started CSL Construction with his wife Stephanie and the company has become a leading expert in reconstruction, restoration, remodels, and renovations. In 2012, Corey found a niche in water, mold, smoke and fire damage restoration.

“Whether we are doing a simple repair caused by water damage, or creating an elaborate kitchen remodel, we take pride in all of our projects,” says Corey. “Customer service is our priority.” Serving all of Central Florida, CSL is a valued member of the community and appreciates the relationships they have built with clients.

For Corey, every American who owns a home deserves understanding and compassion if something unforeseen happens. “We understand that for the average family, their home is everything to them,” he says.

“Taking good care of people and protecting their biggest asset is not a task we take lightly.”

Today, Corey and his crew bring over 50-years of combined experience into every job that CSL Construction takes on. “We have been blessed to build a tremendous team,” he says.

“We have employees with multiple trade backgrounds, which sets  us apart.”

Corey started CSL with the idea of breaking the stereotype given to a lot of contractors by ensuring all their customers receive a quality product they can be proud of.

He also says that he personally finds great fulfillment in helping people after a tragedy.

“The whole experience of a loss can be very scary and confusing for most property owners because people may end up paying out of pocket way more than they need to,” he says.

The CSL team are advocates for those who have lost their homes due to fire or water damage and can assist victims of disaster or accidents in the clean-up and rebuilding process.

“I absolutely love bringing my knowledge and expertise to property owners dealing with catastrophic losses,” says Corey. “There is nothing better than lending a helping hand to a fellow human being in a time of need.”

“CSL are life savers! They came in after we had a flood and put our whole house back together. The fact that you worked directly with the  insurance company to see to it that we got our house  back to proper condition. You guys saved my life! Thank you very much.” —Scott S.

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