May 30, 2024

Legacy Clinic – Men of Success 2024

0.9 min read| Published On: May 30th, 2024|

By Akers Editorial

Legacy Clinic – Men of Success 2024

0.9 min read| Published On: May 30th, 2024|

Legacy Clinic

Legacy Clinic offers a variety of healthcare options to help The Villages and surrounding communities with improved motion, decreased pain and overall wellness. John Theeck, owner of Legacy Clinic, established the practice in 2010, which is located near Bueno Vista Vista and 466, across from the Laurel Manor Recreation Center.  Legacy Clinic offers services that include chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, Prolozone, PRP, Zeel and B12 injections.  Additional therapies include spinal decompression, ultrasound, laser therapy and foot orthotics, as well as a proven weight loss management system. 

Dr. Theeck’s team includes Dr. JT Anderson, DC, Dr. Brian Alexander, DC, Dr. Ayo Adejunmobi, DC, Dr. Aaron Perry, DOM as well as seven massage therapists to provide a comprehensive wellness plan.

Legacy Clinic is committed to addressing patients’ needs for their health and outlining a healthcare plan that matches their goals.  “Each patient deserves the best care possible, and once an evaluation is performed, our team creates a customized approach using the wonderful resources that Legacy provides,” states Dr. Anderson. 

Dr. Adejunmobi, DC offers his expertise in Cranial Facial Therapy, which can address various conditions including breathing problems, snoring, sinus pressure, allergies and tinnitus.

Legacy Clinic’s team of doctors have a collective experience of 72 years. Dr. JT Anderson was the team chiropractor for the Denver Broncos, Colorado Crush and Denver Outlaws lacrosse teams.

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