February 8, 2021

Lives Matter. Apple says so does privacy

1 min read| Published On: February 8th, 2021|

By James Combs

Lives Matter. Apple says so does privacy

1 min read| Published On: February 8th, 2021|

Most people assume privacy is dead in an online world.

One tech giant is trying to keep some privacy alive.

Apple’s iOS 14, the operating system for iPhones that was released in Sept. 2020, has led to big changes in data tracking.

The new operating system requires apps to ask users permission to collect and share their data using Apple’s device identifier. After opening an app like Facebook, a prompt provides users with two options: opt in or block the trackers. If a user opts out of allowing trackers, Facebook cannot report a person’s online activities—such as clicks and sales—to advertisers.

While users will still see ads, it becomes harder for apps and advertisers to collect information about them.

Apple recognizes that for many people, online privacy is a welcome change.

“Users should know when their data is being collected and shared across other apps and websites—and they shouldn’t have the choice to allow that or not,” an Apple spokeswoman said in a press release.

However, Apple’s plan has drawn big criticism from businesses and trade groups. In fact, Facebook released full-page ads in various newspapers lasted December titled: “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.”

Fortunately for Lake Countians, privacy controls are not needed when reading Style magazine. As a premier source of news for the area, our publication affords readers much-needed privacy without worrying about big brother looking over their shoulder.

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