September 13, 2023

Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale Debuts New Renovations

3.6 min read| Published On: September 13th, 2023|

By Kyle Coppola

Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale Debuts New Renovations

3.6 min read| Published On: September 13th, 2023|

The Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale has debuted their newly-refurbished interior. The Opry looks vibrant and much more comfortable than ever before. The new seats have been a huge hit with long time concert and event goers and the new facelift has provided an experience that everyone can be proud about.

From the entertainers to the guests, staff and management, this has been a long time coming. As the most popular concert hall in the area, Orange Blossom Opry always brings in entertaining acts such as Hotel California, an Eagles tribute band who sound just like the real band, The Lettermen, Christmas and holiday-themed shows and much more.

(The Orange Blossom Opry Before The Renovation. Note the vintage chairs and painted concrete floor.)

(The Orange Blossom Opry after the renovation. Note the new modern chairs with cup holders and the brand new modern floor. A huge upgrade to this great concert hall.)

With so much use, the facility was in need of a renovation and that is exactly what happened this summer as Roger Beyer and the Orange Blossom Opry team got to work. Old seating, which had been there for well over 2 or 3 decades, was removed to make way for new modern seats, allowing for a much more comfortable experience.

(Owner of Orange Blossom Opry Roger Beyer looks over the brand new renovations with a smile and a nod of approval. He has been so happy with the way it came out.)

Not to say the previous seats were not comfortable, but longer performances sometimes were an issue. That has been fixed and these seats are perfect for a 2-hour performance. At no point do you feel uncomfortable. The team did a great job. Owner Roger Beyers has said that “I am proud of the work they did at Orange Blossom Opry. We have had great feedback from the new renovations and could not be happier with the turnout.”

(Turnout has been fantastic. New and returning guests were impressed by the upgrades to the Orange Blossom Opry.)

Along with the brand new seats, the Opry also got a new modern floor. The floor is a beautiful grey, which compliments the color of the seats. Previously the floor was just a concrete painted slab. Now, the new floor brings a new elegance to Orange Blossom Opry and has just made the entire place feel more like someone’s home.

(Video Extraodinaire Tom “Hutch” Hutchins was all smiles as he beamed with pride about the new renovations.)

In the end, that is what Orange Blossom Opry has been all about – welcoming guests to this wonderful slice of history in Weirsdale. There is nothing like attending a show at Orange Blossom Opry. The entire crew makes you feel like family. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, it is such an intimate venue that makes you want to come back for more.

(This was what the summer entailed for Orange Blossom Opry. The removal of over 500 seats. It was a lot of hard work that paid off with a beautiful product in the end.)

That is due in part to Roger Beyers, the owner of the Orange Blossom Opry. Roger Beyers also owns Beyers Funeral Home & Crematory in Leesburg and knows how to treat people. Working in the funeral home industry teaches how to approach people respectfully. Orange Blossom Opry takes those lessons and applies them to the entertainment world.

(A full house of concert guests eager to enjoy the new Orange Blossom Opry renovations. Many guests had drinks in the seat cup holders which is something the previous iteration of seats did not offer.)

Each employee greets you with a smile, warm inviting personality and that is a reason that long-time folks have been attending events here for years and years. “They just offer an environment that makes you want to come back for more,” he says.

As Orange Blossom Opry prepares for another holiday season, it also prepares to welcome back snowbirds to our area. I think for all the snowbirds returning they will be pleasantly surprised with this renovation. It was a long time coming and now Orange Blossom Opry continues to be one of the top dogs for entertainment in Central Florida.

(The old seats at Orange Blossom Opry during one of the final performances before the renovation.)

(The bare floor of the Orange Blossom Opry as the final set of old seats were taken out earlier this summer.)

(The upgrade that these new seats and floor provide cannot be understated. It is a huge improvement for this entertainment venue. We are so happy to see it.)

We are thrilled about the renovations! But don’t take our word for it, go see it for yourself. You will be glad you did.

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