January 29, 2021

Paul Young

1.3 min read| Published On: January 29th, 2021|

By AkersMedia

Paul Young

1.3 min read| Published On: January 29th, 2021|

Veteran, Broker, Founder, Real Estate Expert, Young Real Estate

After finishing college and into his second year in real estate, Paul Young became a multi-million-dollar producer. After connecting with other Realtors at events and through transactions, many finally convinced Paul to open his own brokerage. That was in 2019, and since then, Young Real Estate has grown to over 100 Realtors throughout Florida. 

With a background in military, Paul is glad to employ a number of local veterans and military retirees, making Young Real Estate qualified and helpful with acquiring VA loans for home buyers. 

The transition from Realtor to broker, Paul explains, is not for everyone. “As a realtor you’re talking to clients, prospecting, working on deals, and in your mind, those are all money-making activities. As a broker, you’re training, doing administrative tasks, and recruiting, but it’s stuff that has to be done,” he says. Recently, he has been focusing on getting the brokerage’s Realtors to produce as much as they can by training new and experienced Realtors. 

“The mentality needs to be: I need to be an expert in the industry, I need to educate you and show you what all your options are so you can make an educated decision. The mentality was never ‘I’m trying to sell them a house,’” Paul says. “The house is where you live, it’s important, but it’s also the biggest investment you will ever make, so I help homebuyers make good financial decisions, as well.”

Paul has always gotten along with people, which helped start his brokerage. That trait also propelled him into becoming Orlando Real Producers’ top 4 finalist for a professionalism award. He has also been featured in Orlando Magazine’s Hot 100, Top 10 Realtors in the state of Florida, Top 100 in the country, Young Professionals Network 20 Under 40, and more. Paul is also in the TV show “The American Dream” every month. 

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