December 31, 2021

Amy Breedlove

1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2021|

By AkersMedia

Amy Breedlove

1 min read| Published On: December 31st, 2021|

Age: 33

Family: Proud wife to a railroad worker and a busy momma of four kiddos, ages 13 to 5. 

My career: I own The Empty Hanger Boutique in Umatilla. 

How it began: I have always wanted to have a store of my own. I took a small investment and started an online boutique in my garage.

Greatest career accomplishment: Opening a successful storefront in the middle of a pandemic.

Three words that describes me: Persistent, strong, willing.

Best advice I’ve been given: “Are you sure?” It may not sound like advice to many, but that quote set a fire inside me.

Advice I’d give my younger self: Don’t question your dreams, just go for it!

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate in all shapes and forms.

Philosophy of life: Do what YOU want to do, and don’t let the opinions of others slow you down because life is too short.

Desired superpower: To be in more than one place at once.

My go-to outfit: A graphic tee with some distressed jeans. I give the shirt a little tuck in the front and throw on my checkered vans and I’m good to go! 

One thing on my bucket list: Take my family to Yellowstone.

A leader I admired: Princess Diana. She was always stepping out of the fine lines and didn’t care what other people thought of her. Her fashion sense was always a favorite of mine as well.

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